NSW List of Female Convicts Assigned During the Month of May, 1832

Remembering the Past Australia is a site designed for the family historian and history lover, dedicated to providing copies of original articles and resources, with the aim of shedding new light on the lives of ordinary people as they made a life for themselves and their families in colonial Australia and beyond. This site provides free lists of names, along with articles and stories which provide a different perspective of our richly layered history that capture the human spirit, connecting us with the history of ourselves, our families, our communities and with our great country.

Source: NSW List of Female Convicts Assigned During the Month of May, 1832

One thought on “NSW List of Female Convicts Assigned During the Month of May, 1832”

  1. Hi Lynne,

    I’m just reading my g g grandfather’s trial papers, as I said to you once before, James Bell hung with my ancestor, lived in the same street, Gallowgate Road, Glassgow … I’ll just write a few lines for you:

    This is the police officer Donald McLean who caught them ..

    That he has known the prisoner Campbell Roy (my g g grandfather) for three years, McKinlay (James) for two years and James Bell known among his companions by the name of “Honey Jamie” for about two years and Francis McDonald for about a month and since he knew these persons, he has considered them as habite repute thieves and following no law full employment
    James Bell was suppose to be transported with Campbell Roy and James McKinlay … but we could never find his papers for Transportion till I came across your site when I was looking for James Bell

    Thought you might like this … think we are related through the MacKay family or other from around Dungog and Taree and the Islands around Taree
    Irene Roy 🙂 X

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