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My thanks to Bill Bainbridge at Tweed Historical Society for the following information.

James widow, Wilhelmina Bell (b 1820) did not remarry. She died in 1903 under the name Bell as a widow. She was 83. She was the daughter of William McLeod and Janey McKay. She died on the 2nd March 1903. She married James Bell at age 17 years at Maitland.
At the time of her death her children were:
Mary (Laurie) 57
Wilhelmina (Dinsey) 56
Norman 54
John 52
Margaret (McEachran) 50
Elizabeth (Walker) 48
Christina (Quirk) 47
None deceased.
Given the spacing of the children, there would be no reason to suppose that John was other than the natural child.
Norman was born in 1845. Registered. Presbyterian Parish of Denbie V 1845513 162. So I guess John was born in 1847. Like you I can find no record of his birth.
We hold varying levels of information on the Dinseys, Quirks, Lauries (Not much), McEachrans and the McLeods.