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Hi John
Thanks for the reply Agnes was my grandmother my father was Barrington Walter Taylor born 22nd September 1908 he was a well known musician in Campbelltown Margaret remembered him playing the panio and I have found mention of the family in Chronicles of Appin NSW by Sid Percival and Appin The Story of a Macquarie Town by Anne-Maree Whitaker I have a fair bit of inforation on the Taylors if you are interested I now live in Perth WA so doing family tree sometimes gets a bit frustrationg. Its loverly to catch up with family in 2006 we went to Elladale and were lucky enough to have a tour of the house which has been restored.
Yours Jan

Hi Jan,
Appreciate the email, very nice to hear from you. I know Stuart street very well, I have going there since I was born  and that was in 1953. Aunty Liela was my dad’s 1st cousin. My grandmother was Effie Hunt nee Kitching, Aunty Dot’s older sister. Sarah passed away in 1946, she saw my sister (Larraine) when my sister was less than a month old. I remember my Greatgrand father Robert (Sarah’s husband)as Dar Kitching, I was about 6 when he died. I have many fond memories of Stuart Street visiting the Riley’s and Perry’s over many years. Not sure if you know that Aunty Liela passed away recently, about 4-6 weeks ago. My sister and I went to the funeral at St Peter’s in Campbelltown and caught up with our cousin Margaret and Aunty Liela’s brother Peter, who came up from Adelaide. My sister has visited the Sanders home town of Kinchela and we have been researching it for some time now. We believe Sarah left Kinchela and came down to Appin and possibly lived with Agnes Taylor her sister, as you said I believe they were very close. It was along time ago early to mid 1890′s as my grandmother Effie was born in 1895.So Agnes is your grandmother or greatgrand mother ? Anyway enough from me, if you know anymore about the Sanders please feel to pass it on, I would appreciate that very much. GreatGreatGrandfather Sanders sure has a large extended family now :)
Kind regards
John Hunt

Hi John
I have been in contact with Leila Riley and Margaret Perry they still live in the Kitching home in Campbelltown
Lila Rileys mother was Dorothy Kitching and she was 93 at the time
My grandmother was Agnes Jane Taylor nee Sanders who lived in Appin and was friendly with her sister Sarah
The address in Campbelltown is 11 Stuart Street Campbelltown nd I think the ladies were in contact with the Campbelltown Historical Society.
Would like to hear from you
Jan Maurice nee Taylor.

Hi, thank you for this info
My Great Grandmother was one of the 11 children, she was Sarah Ellen Kitching (Sanders) of Narellan
Do you know where I could find out more about the Sanders of Kinchela ?
Would appreciate any help you could provide


John Hunt