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Cathy Gainge

Had a good time today at the Mary Boulton Cottage. The committee meeting itself was interesting. Afterwards, Marge Thomas gave a talk about her life growing up at Warrell Creek (they had a church, school and a hall – only the hall is left now). Then Edna Stride told us about growing up as one of 15 kids at Eungai Creek with her brother Bill Thomas adding in bits here and there. Grandma and Grandpa Oram were sponsored out here by William and Mary Ann Sanders. Geoff Minnet is the historian there and his wife is a Sanders and Edna’s sister Ruby is married to a Sanders. Geoff said that some years back, Chris McCarthy lent him about 12 books of Sanders history which he scanned so I’ll be keeping in touch with him and finding out lots of Sanders history from him. Edna is also going to email me the talk she gave today. I also know where I’ll be doing some volunteer work next year.