Hi Lynne, My name is Alan Scobie, I am the grandson of James Alexander Bell and Hannah Alberta Bell, of Wingham, James Bell was the son of John William Bell, and Mary Ann Bell ( McNeil ) of Laurieton, my family ancestry
goes all the way from Condong, Kempsey, Comboyne, Killabakh. I would love to have a talk to you some time.

Granny Bell was my great grandmother, my mother was Rosa Jean Bell ( maiden name ) who was the Daughter of James Bell, the son of Mary Ann Bell ( Granny ), His Father, my great grandfather, was John William Bell, Grannies maiden name was McNeil, I was present at the dedication to her, at the Laurieton Cemetery some years back now. Granny was a legend in her Lifetime, and still is, long after her death, I only wish I had known her, but I wasn’t born until 1942

10 1 granny bells


    1. my name is Natalie.
      My mother is Elaine Joy bell. she is the deceased daughter of Leslie donald raymond bell and Margaret swann. My mother died when i was 19 and i never really got the chance to talk to her about her family. I am so interested in the Bells because she always told of her love for her dad.

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