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They married in England ( most likely Devon) on 3/11/1757 and 3 years later had a son WILLIAM SANDERS. William was born on the 20/8/1760.

He married SARAH STARK on 8/10/1790 and they in turn named their son WILLIAM SANDERS. He was born on 11/11/1792 and on 18/8/1816 he married ELIZABETH GREEN.

The WILLIAM in this photograph is their son. Born on 15/4/1823 in KENTON, DEVON.  He married MARY ANN SKIVINGS who was born in SILVERTON, DEVON, in 1830. They married on  the 28/8/1848 in EXETER and emigrated to AUSTRALIA on the VICTORIA which arrived in Sydney on the 14/9/1849. ( on Reel 58 from State Archives as 2nd Sept 1849 )

On the 13 August 1863 , they purchased land at KINCHELA CREEK.

The NSW State ARCHIVES reel 58 lists them as SAUNDERS . My father Bruce ( Their great grandson) was strongly of the SANDERS NOT SAUNDERS persuasion.  Nevertheless, the authorities list them as SAUNDERS. Dick Sanders ( Another great grandson) also took offence at the U and stated in his research ” SAUNDERS SHOULD READ SANDERS” .

The Archives tell us that WILLIAM SANDERS was a 26 year old butcher born in KENTON, DEVONSHIRE. Son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH SANDERS. His parents were still living in KENTON. William was C of E ( Church of England ) and he “reads and writes”  . He had no relations in Colony and was in good health. William complained of short issue of rations during the early part of the voyage on the Victoria.

His wife MARY ANN SAUNDERS ( formerly SKIVINGS ) was 19 years old and a farm servant. She was born in SILVERTON, DEVONSHIRE and was the daughter of GEORGE AND GRACE SKIVINGS who still lived in SILVERTON. Also C of E. She too could read and write and had no relations in the Colony. Mary Ann  in good health.