How Odd. I have never heard even a hint of this. Bruce was the husband of my mother’s cousin Maisie Johnston.
of New South “Wales, but now a member of the Australian
Imperial Forces, No. NX. 146844, heretofore known and regis
tered by the name of Bruce Hosking, do hereby give
public notice that on the 1st day of October, 1943, I formally
and absolutely renounced, relinquished and abandoned the use
of my surname, Hosking, and then assumed, adopted and deter
mined thenceforth on all occasions whatsoever to use and sub
scribe the surname of Beckinsale instead of the said surname
of Hosking; and I give further notice by deed poll dated
the 1st day of October, 1943, duly executed and attested and
filed of record in the office of the Registrar-General on the
25tli day of October, 1943, I formally and absolutely renounced
and abandoned the said surname of Hosking and declared that
I had assumed and adopted and intended thenceforth upon all
occasions whatsoever to use and subscribe the surname of
Beckinsale instead of the surname of Hosking and so as to be
at all times thereafter called, known and described by the said
surname of Beckinsale.—Dated this 1st day of November, 1943.
B. BECKINSALE* Witness,—IU.Y Wise; 2515—£1 2si

3 thoughts on “BRUCE BECKINSALE”

  1. Hello Lynne,
    My name is Rod Beckinsale. I am the son of Bruce and Maisie Beckinsale (nee Johnson) of Bangalow NSW. Mum was related to the Bell family and both her and her brother Clyde often spoke of a connection with Laurieton and the name Granny Bell often came up. As a young boy I recall a visit to Belmore, Sydney to visit Bruce and Joy Sanders. I think Joy and Mum were cousins, and I have a feeling her maiden name was Bell. There is another relative (name I can’t recall) who did an extensive family history that included the Johnson’s and, I think, the Bells. I’m not sure by my sister may have a copy of it.

    If any of this interests you, please feel free to contact me using the email address given.


    Rod Beckinsale

    1. Hello Rod. I am Joyce and Bruce’s daughter. Yes Mum and Auntie Maisie were cousins which I never realised for some odd reason. I have such fond memories of Bangalow visits. I will send an email soon. Lynn was my age I think. Yrs Lynne.

      1. Hi Lynn
        My name is Lynn Smith (nee Beckinsale) Rod’s sister.
        I also remember stories from Mum about Grannie Bell, I have photos of her.
        I am not sure if the person Rod is referring to about family history is Queenie & Fred Robinson. They did a very comprehensive research on the family tree and did a book of it.
        I remember your family Lynn as I stayed with them for a few months in 1968 at Belmore. I was 18.
        If you would like to contact me that would be great.

        How great we are the same age. I have so often wondered how you were

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