Irish Graves – they who sleep in foreign lands: USA

This page is for a list of other sites that contain Irish related graves, often with many other graves as well. Where possible, you will be given direct links. These will mostly be outside Australia. I have also included many lone graves, Irish related, with as much detail as I can to help in your research. I have no further information on these.

Source: Irish Graves – they who sleep in foreign lands: USA

London Lives 1690 to 1800 ~ Crime, Poverty and Social Policy in the Metropolis

April 2012 UpdateChanges implemented during the April 2012 update of this website (version 1.1) include making keyword searching the default form of search. For further information, see What’s New (April 2012).Register to Use London LivesAlthough anyone can search London Lives, registration allows you to use a personal workspace to link documents together and create biographies of eighteenth-century Londoners. It also gives you access to advanced search facilities and the Wiki. Registering is free. For example biographies, see the Featured Life on this page and the Lives pages.

Source: London Lives 1690 to 1800 ~ Crime, Poverty and Social Policy in the Metropolis

Writing Family History – Faculty of Arts – University of Tasmania, Australia

Bring history to life through storytelling.Secrets, twists, triumphs and tragedies; bring the stories of ancestors to life! Writing Family History is a fully online unit from the University of Tasmania. Join students around Australia for an introduction to writing non-fictional and fictional narratives based on real genealogical records.Study without tuition fees (conditions apply): Online: Writing Family History is part of a fully online suite of units to enable flexible study. Free access to Library: Gain free access to billions of historical documents, millions of historical photos, plus local narratives, oral histories and other resources that span from the 1500s to the 2000s.Unit ObjectivesOn successful completion of this unit you will be able to:Use and reflect on a range of key strategies and techniques for writing narratives based on genealogical records;Contribute to a supportive online workshop environment by giving and receiving constructive critical feedback on short writing exercises;Produce a coherent piece of short fiction or non-fiction based on genealogical research.

Source: Writing Family History – Faculty of Arts – University of Tasmania, Australia

Exhibitions | Discover Parramatta

EXHIBITIONSParramatta has a collection of quality exhibition spaces within the city. The Parramatta Artists Studios, the Heritage Centre and the Riverside Theatres are the main gallery-style spaces in Parramatta and they host a number of compelling exhibitions throughout the year. ICE; the Information and Cultural Exchange, an arts-based organisation supporting creative arts development in Western Sydney, is based in Parramatta. They produce or support a large range of creative pursuits (workshops, performances, industry networking events) and some of these involve exhibitions of new work. Other ‘expo’ style exhibitions occur too, most of these taking place at the Grand Pavillion at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse. A diverse range of interests are showcased over the calendar year from Quilting and Craft and Golfing to Parenting, Careers, Caravans and Camping…. even Country Week comes to town.

Source: Exhibitions | Discover Parramatta

Convict Parramatta | Dictionary of Sydney

CONVICT PARRAMATTAGuiding you from the grisly ‘Hanging Green’ to ‘God’s Acre,’ this tour traces the lives of convicts – where they lived, worked, rioted and were punished. You will learn how they were treated by the emerging health care systems and where many of them were buried. Your tour features convicts who rose above their convict status by grasping opportunities in the developing colony. And you will discover less fortunate convicts who found themselves behind bars in the penal colony, at the end of a hangman’s noose, and destined for a pauper’s burial.The tour starts in Parramatta Park in front ofOld Government House. Estimated walking time: one hour

Source: Convict Parramatta | Dictionary of Sydney

CLI – Government schools of New South Wales from 1848

Welcome to the Government Schools of NSW website

The Government schools of New South Wales from 1848 website provides valuable historical information on NSW government schools operating since 1848.

This website includes a number of information sources:

a searchable database which provides entries for more than 7,390 schools

facts and figures of many historical aspects of public education in NSW

a changing historical photogallery.

Each entry consists of the name of the school, the county in which it is located and its operating dates.

The school entries section gives background information on how the entries were compiled.

For additional NSW historical education information, the authorities listed in the links section might also be of help.

via CLI – Government schools of New South Wales from 1848.

via CLI – Government schools of New South Wales from 1848.


Check George Ready and William Allen Bell.

The Book Collectors’ Society of Australia


or Some Books and other Printed Items  from my Tramway Collection

Brian Taylor

In the December 2006 issue (352nd Issue) of Biblionews, author and collector of books about railways, John Newland, had his article “Some Books in my Railway Collection” published (pp. 95-118). This article was the inspiration for the present one, though I can lay claim to only a very modest collection of “tramwayana” in comparison with his collection of railwayana, as collections of such material are evidently widely referred to these days (hence my coinage above).

Trams were very much a part of the first two decades of my life here in Sydney. I was born in 1937 in the Sydney suburb of Annandale, through which the Lilyfield tram passed. I was taken home a few days later to a house in Birchgrove, which had had its own tram service since the 1917, and in…

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Searching guides – Land and Property Information

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If you are interested in exploring NSW’s land heritage, LPI has produced the following guides to assist you in conducting online and over-the-counter searches of current and historical information.

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A Brief History of the Records of the Registrar General (PDF 2.1 MB)

Published 26 Mar 2013

This publication offers a brief history of the Office of the Registrar General since its inception in 1843 and the records it holds which date back to 1792. It also describes how land was initially acquired and consequently managed.

First Stop Guide to the Records of the Registrar General (PDF 981.6 KB)

Published 26 Mar 2013

via Searching guides – Land and Property Information.

via Searching guides – Land and Property Information.

That Moment in Time: FRIDAY FOSSICKING MAY 8TH 2015

Sometimes, there are too many words within… sometimes they simply have to be written….. sometimes…. Since I was a little girl I have had a curious nature particularly in regard to who my family were…I was always asking questions and wanting to know more about where everyone fitted in to my extended family… now I have found the answers to many of my questions so have lots of new questions… all to do with family… You can contact me at crissouli (at) gmail (dot) com

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via That Moment in Time: FRIDAY FOSSICKING MAY 8TH 2015.

via That Moment in Time: FRIDAY FOSSICKING MAY 8TH 2015.


The Ryerson Index is a free index to death notices appearing in Australian newspapers. The date range covered extends from the Sydney Gazette of 1803 up to newspapers published within the last week or so. The Index also includes many funeral notices, and some probate notices and obituaries.Because the Index was originally created by the Sydney Dead Persons Society, its strength lies in notices from NSW papers – including in excess of one million notices from the Sydney Morning Herald alone. However, the representation from papers from other states continues to grow, with additional papers being regularly added, so that the Index can now truly be considered an Australian index.Indexing is being continuously carried out by a team of volunteers, too numerous to mention individually, who give freely of their time to ensure the site continues to grow. Site updates occur every couple of weeks, and more often in periods of high activity.The index itself cannot by definition be considered a primary source of data, but is purely a research aid to direct the researcher to the original source of a notice.




Hello everyone. Not good news about Lynne. I’ve never met her but truly appreciate the effort she has put in here over the years. I hope she is able to recover.

I posted this on some other Sanders site. Obviously not this one. So here is something you may find interesting.

Hello to all you Sanders people I am son of Tom, son of Clement, son of Frederick, son of William. As you all know, William was born in Kenton, Devon, England. I was just there in Kenton in early September 2104. I very nice quiet little village. We were given access to a book entitled “Extracts of Baptisms, burials and Marriages recorded at Kenton Parish Church” (We never actually wrote down the official name, but that is what I recall) The period covered was the late 1600’s up to the mid 1800’s. A couple of things that come to mind – Sanders and Saunders are freely interchanged. We found a couple instances of children form the same parents named Sanders and Saunders. From the extracts, William (Blackberry) was baptized April 15, 1823, so was probably born in March of 1823. That bears looking at, but the record is of baptisms, not births, which were not recorded in the extract. In every instance in the extract, Elisabeth (his mother) is spelt with an ‘s’ not a ‘z’. The only grave marked ‘Sanders’ was of an Anna Sanders. Died in 1893 aged 80 years. Was buried alone, so she may never have married. Couldn’t locate her baptism or marriage in the extract. Some other interesting bits. William’s male line goes William (father) then John (born 1716) This John had numerous other kids and had his last in 1779 at age 63. His first was Richard in 1758 when he was 42. He died in 1781. – some of his children entered as Sanders, some Saunders. Strangely, John’s baptism isn’t recorded. His marriage to Susannah Kerswell was, and he was a husbandsman – free tenant farmer or small landowner. Susannah died June 10, 1793. John’s brother Samuel had 2 sons – Richard and James, who married sisters Ann and Anna Anning in 1779. Time is running out here, but one interesting bit of family names. Clement’s wife was Ellen Bond Woodward. Found this marriage extract from 1779 “Clement Williams, a sojourner and Susannah Sanders, witnessed by John Bond…”

Old Sydney Burial Ground – City of Sydney

Sydney Town Hall sits on the site of what was once the principal cemetery of NSW. Dating back to the 1790s, the site is commonly called the Old Sydney Burial Ground.It is also known as the George Street Burial Ground, the Cathedral Close Cemetery and, retrospectively, the Town Hall Cemetery.The site, on the outskirts of town, was chosen by Governor Phillip and the Reverend Richard Johnson in September 1792.It was decided this place would not affect the health of the living and could remain a place of quiet seclusion.In 1812, Governor Macquarie authorised the extension of the burial ground to the north and west, and granted a site for a new church, St Andrew’s, next door. With the extension, the burial ground covered just over 2 acres.

via Old Sydney Burial Ground – City of Sydney.

via Old Sydney Burial Ground – City of Sydney.



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