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I don’t know whether or not we are connected. I shall research further.

Welcome!This website details the McNeil family of Greenock, Scotland, as well as those families related to us by marriage. One of the earliest McNeils that we have traced is Daniel McNeil who was born in Greenock in 1813. Approximately 160 years after his birth his great great grandson, Daniel McNeil, produced this family tree in order that we can see how we are part of one large family.The symbol of Greenock is the Green Oak tree and like that tree our family has many branches, some close to home and others further afield. Our branches run from Adamietz to Young and we welcome information from all famiies.Please feel free to peruse our website and should you have any information such as names, dates, photographs or stories then please send it to us.We look forward to hearing from you

Source: Home Page: McNeil Family History and Ancestry