Hello everyone. Not good news about Lynne. I’ve never met her but truly appreciate the effort she has put in here over the years. I hope she is able to recover.

I posted this on some other Sanders site. Obviously not this one. So here is something you may find interesting.

Hello to all you Sanders people I am son of Tom, son of Clement, son of Frederick, son of William. As you all know, William was born in Kenton, Devon, England. I was just there in Kenton in early September 2104. I very nice quiet little village. We were given access to a book entitled “Extracts of Baptisms, burials and Marriages recorded at Kenton Parish Church” (We never actually wrote down the official name, but that is what I recall) The period covered was the late 1600’s up to the mid 1800’s. A couple of things that come to mind – Sanders and Saunders are freely interchanged. We found a couple instances of children form the same parents named Sanders and Saunders. From the extracts, William (Blackberry) was baptized April 15, 1823, so was probably born in March of 1823. That bears looking at, but the record is of baptisms, not births, which were not recorded in the extract. In every instance in the extract, Elisabeth (his mother) is spelt with an ‘s’ not a ‘z’. The only grave marked ‘Sanders’ was of an Anna Sanders. Died in 1893 aged 80 years. Was buried alone, so she may never have married. Couldn’t locate her baptism or marriage in the extract. Some other interesting bits. William’s male line goes William (father) then John (born 1716) This John had numerous other kids and had his last in 1779 at age 63. His first was Richard in 1758 when he was 42. He died in 1781. – some of his children entered as Sanders, some Saunders. Strangely, John’s baptism isn’t recorded. His marriage to Susannah Kerswell was, and he was a husbandsman – free tenant farmer or small landowner. Susannah died June 10, 1793. John’s brother Samuel had 2 sons – Richard and James, who married sisters Ann and Anna Anning in 1779. Time is running out here, but one interesting bit of family names. Clement’s wife was Ellen Bond Woodward. Found this marriage extract from 1779 “Clement Williams, a sojourner and Susannah Sanders, witnessed by John Bond…”



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