Margery Smith Jul 1, 9:55 am

My ancestor Peter Frederick Roselt was assigned to Dr.Fattorini abt 1841. We have no furtrher records of his life until he married in 1859 and managed Clarevaux station in GlenInnes. (Owned by a ship’s captain PC Ditmas) Fololwing are records from my family tree. Would love to contact anyone who can give me further details. Evidently Fattorini was reputed to be bastard son of Napoleon (???) forget where I heard that one.
He was given ticket of leave no 41/895 reel 940 shelf 4/4150 ROSEL Peter Frederick Lady Nugent 1835.
n 1837 “General Return of Convicts” Peter Rosett aged 22 is listed as arriving on the “Lady Nugent” in 1835. He was assigned to a Master -an employer who would be in charge of him until his freedom. The name of his master is given as Faltorini C L D at Port Macquarie. I searched the Port Macquarie web site and came up with an ‘Index to the History of Port Macquarie’ where I found:
Factoring, Dr Jean Baptiste Charles Lamonnerie Dit 117, 118, 120, 128, 130,
139, 173
I’ve contacted the author of the site and hope to get more info.
3 April 1841
41/895 Peter Frederick Rosell “Lady Nugent ”
Prisoner number 35/1102
Ships Master J S Fawsett
Surgeon Oliver Sproule
Year 1835
Place of Trial London Goal Delivery
Date of Trial 16.10.1834
Sentence 7 years
Port Macquarie recommended by bench Dec 1840
Note in margin reads- cancelled and torn up the holder reported free letter
from Port Macquarie dated Nov., 1841 J.L.H.
Shipping page 243 sketch of Lady Nugent in Vol. 3 Log of Logs, built 1813
Bombay barque Class AE 1 , left from Sheerness 4.12.1834 direct passage 126
Surgeon’s Log available PRO Reel 3200



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