Jennifer Bell

Jennifer Bell

Jennifer Bell <>

11:12 (7 hours ago)

to me
Hello, I am endeavouring to trace a John Bell in my extended family’s family history. There are so many John Bells on record that finding him is a daunting prospect. Another researcher indicated that the family of James and Margaret Bell was worth having a look at. But a quick look at your site looks like it is a highly unlikely that your John and our John are the same.

I believe in throwing my net wide in the hope of catching something so I’ll just leave you a brief outline in case something stands out. John Bell married Sarah Richards in October 1878. They had two children, Walter John in 1879 and David in 1881. The mother, Sarah, in 1882 was committed to the mental institution at Stockton and she lived there until her death in 1913. Oral history says that John had a liaison and family with another woman. We have no other knowledge of John Bell before the marriage, or subsequent to his children being born and his wife’s commitment. You can see that the marriage certificate is almost useless, though I have located some information about the two witnesses to the marriage.

Not expecting any miracles, but if something does ring a “Bell” would be delighted to hear about it.



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