My husbands great grandfather Arthur Moran (an aboriginal man) and his wife Ethel (née chapman) once farmed Fattorini Island. They left the island for Kinchela because of flood in 1928. His family before that, lived there too. Arthur’s father was Edward (Teddy) Moran, his father was Bobby Moran Jnr and his father was Robert Moran.
We are quite interested to find out more of the history of the island and surrounding areas.
Kind regards,
Edward Moran


  1. Hi, I’m related to your husband. And I have a detailed family tree. I’m a Moran/Smith from Kempsey.

    Not sure how to go about contacting you.

    Cheers Amy

    1. Hi Amy, any chance of getting some details from that family tree? My great grandmother was Josephine Pearl Moran. Moved from Fattorini Island to Green Hill after the flood in 1928

  2. My family owned Fattorini Island from 1955-1974. Our family had a herd of 60 dairy cows on the island up until about 1967 when the prices for milk were low after deregulation. Previously our milk was picked up from the island by ferry and taken to the Nestles Factory in Smithtown. My Mother knew all about floods and always organised us to be safe. Dad organised the cows, boats and milking during the floods. They did well to manage the 5 kids, the farm and off farm work

  3. I am descendant of Josephine Pearl Moran, Kempsey, Southwest Rocks area, Burnt Bridge. Pretty sure there might be a connection.

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