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Elizabeth Bell Image 1


The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1803 – 1842), Sunday 20 August 1809

Whereas a Promissory Note of Hand drawn by John Curtis of Parramatta in favour of one

Thomas Jones for the Sum of £40 Sterling, was   about a twelvemonth ago lost at Parramatta, and has not since been recovered. Now this is to give Notice, that the said Note was negotiated to me, Hugh Davlyn, of Richmond Hill, who do hereby acknowledge to have received from the above Drawer (John Curtis) full satisfaction for the same ; I do therefore forbid all persons receiving the same under any pretence whatever, as it is the sole property of the said John Curtis; any person rendering it up to whom or to myself will be hand- somely rewarded. Hugh Davlyn,



Many thanks Lynne for your information. Another link to the Sanders family is that John Tarlington, note spelt with a “g” also came out on the Matilda as a prisioner. Eventually settled at Camden. His adopted son William Duggan Tarlinton, note no “g” went on to became a very large landowner around the Cobargo district. Our family is from the WD tarlinton side.m Phil Tarlinton.

Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW : 1870 – 1907), Saturday 4 November 1871

Australian Town and Country Journal (NSW 1870 - 1907), Saturday 4 November 1871


My husbands great grandfather Arthur Moran (an aboriginal man) and his wife Ethel (née chapman) once farmed Fattorini Island. They left the island for Kinchela because of flood in 1928. His family before that, lived there too. Arthur’s father was Edward (Teddy) Moran, his father was Bobby Moran Jnr and his father was Robert Moran.
We are quite interested to find out more of the history of the island and surrounding areas.
Kind regards,
Edward Moran