Anglicanism in Australia

Anglicanism in Australia.

via Anglicanism in Australia.


6 thoughts on “Anglicanism in Australia”

  1. Hi Lynne,
    I am related to you through my grandfather Theo Hurrell. You might be interested to know that one of the foremost historians in Australia around Anglicanism is/ was Ruth Frappell deceased wife of Leighton Frappell ( son of Vera Hurrell). She often wrote under her maiden name – I think Teale …. But could be wrong about that name. She died July 2011, and had just finished her most recent book on the church and it was published after her death.
    Leighton was for many years Dean of History at Macquarie University.
    Sue French

    1. A pleasure to hear from you, Sue. We are gathering really interesting information about us all now. The other Sanders’ and Hurrells’ will be tickled if you don’t mind my passing it on to them. I hope to hear from yu again, Yrs Lynne.

      1. Ruth was a clever and vibrant person with a deep commitment to the church. There were a number of bishops at the service. She was very highly regarded. And she was just lovely. She was prominent in the women’s movement at Sydney University. Sue

      2. Thank you so much, Sue. My regards to Leighton. My brother’s partner was a professor at Sydney University and is a member of St James in the City. There are so many threads weaving in and out here. Yrs Lynne.

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