Hello Lynne

My name is Craig i wasnt sure if i put my post in the right area sorry if i didnt. I’m trying to add on to my mum’s family search i believe William Munro is related as i got the baptism of the last known Munro ancestor George Munro born: 12 july 1851
          date of ceremony: 27 july 1851
          Where ceremony performed: Districts of illawarra & shoalhaven, In county of camden & St vincent
          Parents: father Donald Munro
                        Mother: Janet Munro
                        Abode: Shoalhaven
                        Profession: farmer
                        Whom the Ceremony was Performed George Mackie Presbyterian Church

i Found someone who was looking for more information on a William Munro Born on 9th of July 1846 in Shoalhaven was the son of Donald Munro born 1 Jan 1814 in Lairg, Sutherlandshire and Janet ( Jessie ) Macpherson, born 13 feb 1822 in tongue, sutherlandshire. I was thinking  Donald Munro may got married to Janet ( jessie ) Macpherson inbetween the births of William and Donald Munro making her name the Janet Munro on the baptism i have. The researcher went on to say Donald Munro came out with his parents William Munro and Ann Mackay on the ” James Moran” in 1839 i believe the researcher knew alot and even went overseas to further his research on his family and it turned out the William Munro his researched wasnt related. It’s a long shot but i hope someone can tell me if i’m on the right track?


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