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Not a direct family connection but many of the same places are featured.


The picnic held on Wednesday the 4th instant at Never Never, in consequence of the departure of Mr. J.M. Algie, teacher of the public school there – and which took the form of a farewell, and an evidence of his popularity – was a great success. Fully 170 attended, and these represented all parts of the Bellinger, from the Heads to the upper end of the river. The morning was rather unfavourable, on account of the cold, but at noon the sun shone out warmly and was gladly welcomed by everyone. At 10 am the guests began to assemble, and continued to do so till noon, by which time the green sward began to look alive. The spread was laid out on the grass, and looked such as never was seen before on the Bellinger. There was a great assortment of all kinds of pastry and sweets, and the manner in which they were displayed showed a taste and delicacy rarely to be met with in country places. After a few games had been indulged in dinner was called, and grace having been sung, ample justice was done to the many excellent things provided. All then repaired to the green to indulge in the many games of the day. Teams were picked, and good cricket was played by some, while others amused themselves in various ways, and all went as merry as a wedding day party till nearly 4pm, when tea was again spread, and those who had long distances to travel were invited to sit first.

via BelliGenWeb :: Genealogy :: Lean Family Tree.

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