Cathy Gainge

From the Guardian News (Nambucca) :
"Reflections on the early years at Eungai Creek
The next meeting of Mary Boulton Pioneer Cottage and Museum committee will be held at 1.30pm on Saturday (12th) and will focus on Eungai and Warrell Creek. Guest speakers will be Bill and Marge Thomas and Edna Stride. Bill and Edna are grandchildren of John Thomas, the second selector of land in the Tamban area. Marge grew up at Warrell Creek. Afternoon tea will follow. For further information, contact Diana Wood on 65690043 or Joy Lane on 65642048."
This is of interest to us as John Thomas’ son Aaron Macleay Thomas married Ada Oram, daughter of Grace Oram, who was Mary Ann Sander’s neice. The info they give out will be applicable to Ern and Charlie (Grace’s cousins) who had land there too.

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