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Not a direct family connection but many of the same places are featured.


The picnic held on Wednesday the 4th instant at Never Never, in consequence of the departure of Mr. J.M. Algie, teacher of the public school there – and which took the form of a farewell, and an evidence of his popularity – was a great success. Fully 170 attended, and these represented all parts of the Bellinger, from the Heads to the upper end of the river. The morning was rather unfavourable, on account of the cold, but at noon the sun shone out warmly and was gladly welcomed by everyone. At 10 am the guests began to assemble, and continued to do so till noon, by which time the green sward began to look alive. The spread was laid out on the grass, and looked such as never was seen before on the Bellinger. There was a great assortment of all kinds of pastry and sweets, and the manner in which they were displayed showed a taste and delicacy rarely to be met with in country places. After a few games had been indulged in dinner was called, and grace having been sung, ample justice was done to the many excellent things provided. All then repaired to the green to indulge in the many games of the day. Teams were picked, and good cricket was played by some, while others amused themselves in various ways, and all went as merry as a wedding day party till nearly 4pm, when tea was again spread, and those who had long distances to travel were invited to sit first.

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Sarah Ellen Kitching

Hi, am also a Great Grand Daughter of Sarah Ellen Kitching. If I could have any information that would be great also any photos of sarah or her daughter Dorothy who is my grandmother. My mother is Isabel Frances Kitching born in 1929 but was given to her father. This is not a well known story but is verified on the birth certificate.

Annette Bevan (Nee Woods)


Cathy Gainge

Had a good time today at the Mary Boulton Cottage. The committee meeting itself was interesting. Afterwards, Marge Thomas gave a talk about her life growing up at Warrell Creek (they had a church, school and a hall – only the hall is left now). Then Edna Stride told us about growing up as one of 15 kids at Eungai Creek with her brother Bill Thomas adding in bits here and there. Grandma and Grandpa Oram were sponsored out here by William and Mary Ann Sanders. Geoff Minnet is the historian there and his wife is a Sanders and Edna’s sister Ruby is married to a Sanders. Geoff said that some years back, Chris McCarthy lent him about 12 books of Sanders history which he scanned so I’ll be keeping in touch with him and finding out lots of Sanders history from him. Edna is also going to email me the talk she gave today. I also know where I’ll be doing some volunteer work next year.


Cathy Gainge

From the Guardian News (Nambucca) :
"Reflections on the early years at Eungai Creek
The next meeting of Mary Boulton Pioneer Cottage and Museum committee will be held at 1.30pm on Saturday (12th) and will focus on Eungai and Warrell Creek. Guest speakers will be Bill and Marge Thomas and Edna Stride. Bill and Edna are grandchildren of John Thomas, the second selector of land in the Tamban area. Marge grew up at Warrell Creek. Afternoon tea will follow. For further information, contact Diana Wood on 65690043 or Joy Lane on 65642048."
This is of interest to us as John Thomas’ son Aaron Macleay Thomas married Ada Oram, daughter of Grace Oram, who was Mary Ann Sander’s neice. The info they give out will be applicable to Ern and Charlie (Grace’s cousins) who had land there too.




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The BRILLIANT brought Scottish Bounty Immigrants including :
JESSIE(JENNET, JANET) MCLEAN MOTHER OF MARY ANN MCNEIL( later to become known as GRANNY BELL of LAURIETON, wife of the Invalid Mr John Bell. ) Janet was born in 1831 so she was only a child of 6-7 when she came. Her parents were JOHN MCLEAN and GRACE MCINNES(McGuiness)

A large body of emigrants sailed from Tobermory on the 27th of September for New South Wales. The vessel was the Brilliant, and its size and splendid fittings were greatly admired. “the people to be conveyed by this vessel are decidedly the most valuable that have ever left the shores of Great Britain; they are all of excellent moral character, and from their knowledge of agriculture, and management of sheep and cattle, must prove a most valuable acquisition to a colony like New South Wales.” The Rev. Mr Macpherson, of Tobermory, preached a farewell sermon before the party sailed. The total number of emigrants was 322, made up as follows:—From Ardnamurchan and Strontian, 105; Coll and Tiree, 104; Mull and lona, 56; Morven, 25; Dunoon, 28; teachers, 2; surgeons, 2. A visitor from New South Wales presented as many of the party as he met with letters of introduction, and expressed himself highly gratified with the prospect of having so valuable an addition to the colony. A Government agent superintended the embarkation

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