Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  SUMMER ISLAND

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Distance 312 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 5.30 pm and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday, Tuesday 11 am and steamer.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday, Saturday 6 pm. and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday mornings and steamer.

Route  Steam Port Macquarie, Kempsey, 12m. Summer Island, and steam direct.
ADAMS                James                farmer                Summer Island
AUTHER                William                farmer                Lower Macleay
BAKER                James                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
BALWIN                Samuel                farmer                Long Reach
BALEY                Edward                bootmaker        Summer Island
BALL                Edward                farmer                Long Reach
BARDEN                Albert                blacksmith        Summer Island
BARR                William                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
BARTLEY                Jacob                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
BATCHELOR        Francis                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
BATE                William                ---                Kinshela Ck.
BEENE                Patrick                farmer                Long Reach
BILBY                James                farmer                Lower Macleay
BILBY                Richard                farmer                Lower Macleay
BLACKLOCH        George                bootmaker        Summer Island
BLAIR                Dougal                farmer                Lower Macleay
BLOOMER                Arthur                farmer                Lower Macleay
BLOOMER                John                farmer                Lower Macleay
BOLSTER                Mrs.                farmer                Long Reach
BOULTON                William                farmer                Lower Macleay
BOX                William                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
BOYLE                William                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
BRADEY                Barney                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
BRADLEY                William                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
BROGE                ---                farmer                Summer Island
BROWN                William                farmer                Summer Island
BURKE                Patrick                farmer                Summer Island
BURPITT                S. C.                storeman        Summer Island
CAREY                John                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
CAREY                William                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
CARNEY                John                farmer                Summer Island
CHARLTON        Peter                farmer                Long Reach
CHRISTIAN        Thomas                sugar manufacturer Summer Island
CLANCEY                James                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
CLANCEY                John                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
CLANCEY                Michael                farmer                Summer Island
CLARKE                Lawrence        farmer                Lower Macleay
CLARKE                Patrick                farmer                Lower Macleay
CLARKE                Samuel                farmer                Summer Island
COLMEY                Edward                farmer                Long Reach
CONLEY                Mrs.                farmer                Long Reach
COX                Henry                farmer                Lower Macleay
CROAD                H.                sugar manufacturer & farmer Summer Island
CRAWFORD        William                farmer                Long Reach
CUNNANE                John                farmer                Summer Island
CUNNANE                Michael                farmer                Summer Island
CUNNANE                Patrick                farmer                Lower Macleay
DABORNE                Henry                teacher                Summer Island
DELANEY                Martin                farmer                Lower Macleay
DENNIS                Thomas                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
DODD                John                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
DONCHE                James                farmer                Summer Island
EGAN                Martin                farmer                Lower Macleay
ELLIOTT                John                farmer                Summer Island
ELLIOTT                Samuel                farmer                Lower Macleay
EMMS                Jonathan        farmer                Lower Macleay
EVANS                Thomas                cooper & farmer        Summer Island
EVERSON                Edward                farmer                Summer Island
EVERSON                Edward jun.        farmer                Kinshela Ck.
FAIRWEATHER        James                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
FAIRWEATHER        William                sugar manufacturer Summer Island
FITZPATRICK        Brennan                farmer                Lower Macleay
FLANIGAN        James                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
FLANIGAN        Patrick                farmer                Lower Macleay
FLANIGAN        P. sen.                farmer                Lower Macleay
FORSYTH                Thomas                farmer                Lower Macleay
GANNON                John                farmer                Lower Macleay
GANNON                Timothy                farmer                Lower Macleay
GIBSON                Albert                farmer                Lower Macleay
GIBSON                Albert                farmer                Lower Macleay
GOSSON                James                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
GOUGH                Thomas                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
GOUGH                Thomas jun.        farmer                Kinshela Ck.
HARVEY                William                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
HIGH                Henry                farmer                Lower Macleay
HINES                John                farmer                Lower Macleay
HIRON                John                farmer                Lower Macleay
HOGAN                Cornelius        farmer                Lower Macleay
HOGAN                Patrick                farmer                Lower Macleay
HOWELL                John                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
JACKSON                Samuel                farmer & sugar manufacturer Kinshela Ck.
JAQUES                George                farmer                Lower Macleay
JAQUES                William                farmer                Lower Macleay
JONES                John                farmer                Summer Island
JONES                Thomas                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
JUDD                James                farmer                Lower Macleay
KENNEDY                John                farmer                Lower Macleay
KENNEDY                Matthew                farmer                Lower Macleay
KENNEY                Crofton                farmer                Lower Macleay
LAWSON                John                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
LYONS                Bernard                farmer                Lower Macleay
MAHER                Christopher        farmer                Long Reach
MAHER                John                farmer                Long Reach
MARTIN                John                farmer                Summer Island
MARTIN                Thomas                farmer                Lower Macleay
MAUGH                Patrick                labourer        Summer Island
MEADE                Patrick                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
MEHAN                Thomas                farmer                Lower Macleay
MENAREY                Michael                farmer                Long Reach
MENAREY                Michael                farmer                Lower Macleay
MILES                Charles                farmer                Lower Macleay
MOLLONEY        John                farmer                Lower Macleay
MOLLOY                John                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
MOLLOY                Patrick                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
MOONEY                Patrick                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
MORRESEY        Daniel                farmer                Summer Island
MORRESEY        Michael                farmer                Summer Island
MOSLEN                James                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
MULVEIHELL        James                farmer                Lower Macleay
MURRAY                Peter                labourer        Lower Macleay
MCALEER                Edward                farmer                Lower Macleay
MCGARVEY        William                farmer                Lower Macleay
MCGEAREY        Owen                farmer                Summer Island
MCGEE                John                farmer                Long Reach
MCGEE                William                farmer                Long Reach
MCGUIGAN        John                farmer                Summer Island
MCGUIGAN        Patrick                farmer                Summer Island
MCGUIGAN        Thomas                farmer                Summer Island
MCGUIGAN        Thomas jun.        farmer                Summer Island
MCHUGH                John                farmer & hawker        Summer Island
MCILRICH        John                farmer                Lower Macleay
MCKENZIE        Alexander        farmer                Lower Macleay
MCMANNERMAN        E.                farmer                Lower Macleay
MCMANNERMAN        E.                farmer                Lower Macleay
MCMANNUS        ---                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
MCNALLEY        James                farmer                Lower Macleay
MCQUADE                Andrew                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
OBRIEN                John                farmer                Summer Island
ODELL                Henry                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
ODONNEL        Neil                farmer                Lower Macleay
OKEIFF                John                farmer                Lower Macleay
ONEAL                John                farmer                Lower Macleay
OSBORNE                Archibald        farmer                Kinshela Ck.
OWENS                Patrick                farmer                Summer Island
PARTRIDGE        James                farmer                Summer Island
PARTRIDGE        John                farmer                Summer Island
PARTRIDGE        Robert                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
PAUL                George                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
PITMAN                Silas                innkeeper        Gladston
PLUMMER                Jesse                farmer                Lower Macleay
PRICE                James                farmer                Summer Island
RAFFERTY        Laurence        farmer                Kinshela Ck.
RAFFERTY        Timothy                farmer                Lower Macleay
REGAN                Denis                farmer                Lower Macleay
REGAN                Edward                farmer                Lower Macleay
ROBINSON        George                farmer                Lower Macleay
ROBINSON        John                farmer                Lower Macleay
ROBINSON        John jun.        farmer                Lower Macleay
ROWE                John                farmer                Summer Island
ROWE                James                labourer        Lower Macleay
ROWE                Thomas                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
RYAN                Thomas                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
SALMON                Thomas A.        butcher                Summer Island
SALMON                William                stockholder        Lower Macleay
SANDERS                W. E.                farmer                Summer Island
SARGENT                Frederick        farmer                Summer Island
SARGENT                George                farmer                Summer Island
SARGENT                Henry                farmer                Summer Island
SARGENT                James                farmer                Summer Island
SARGENT                Mark                farmer                Summer Island
SAUL                James                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
SAUNDERS        Frederick        farmer                Kinshela Ck.
SAUNDERS        William                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
SAUNDERS        William                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
SCOTT                James                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
SHARKEY                John                farmer                Lower Macleay
SHEPHARD        Samuel                farmer                Lower Macleay
SHOTT                George                farmer                Lower Macleay
SKINNER                Samuel                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
STEELE                Thomas                sugar manufactory Summer Island
SWEENEY                John                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
TAYLOR                W. A.                boarding house & hawker Summer Island
TAYLOR                Oliver                farmer                Lower Macleay
WALBRIDGE        Alfred                farmer                Lower Macleay
WELCH                Andrew                farmer                Long Reach
WHITE                Daniel                farmer                Lower Macleay
WICKHAM                James                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
WICKHAM                Josiah                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
WICKHAM                Robert                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
WICKHAM                Thomas                farmer                Kinshela Ck.
WILLIAMS        William                farmer                Summer Island
WOODS                James jun.        farmer                Kinshela Ck.
WOODS                Henry                sugar manufactory Summer Island
WOODS                Laurence        farmer                Kinshela Ck.
WOODS                Thomas                ---                Summer Island
WOSTERD                Michael                farmer                Lower Macleay



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Distance 301 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 5.30 p.m. and steamer direct
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday, Tuesday 7 a.m. and steamer
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday, Saturday 10 p.m. and steamer direct
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday mornings and steamer
Route - Steam Frederickton, or Port Macquarie, or Macleay River, or Kempsey
AINSWORTH Isaac farmer --- Frederickton
AINSWORTH James farmer --- Frederickton
AINSWORTH John farmer --- Frederickton
BALE David bootmaker McLeay St. Frederickton
BEATY David farmer --- Frederickton
BLIGHT Maria charwoman McLeay St. Frederickton
BOULTON James shipwright --- Frederickton
BRADY Mary farmer McLeay River Frederickton
BRENTON Thomas labourer McLeay St. Frederickton
BREST Michael labourer McLeay St. Frederickton
BROGGY Patrick farmer McLeay River Frederickton
CAMROE John farmer --- Frederickton
CARNEY Michael farmer --- Frederickton
CHAMBERS Thomas farmer --- Frederickton
CHAPMAN Ann grazier McLeay St. Frederickton
CHAPMAN Fraderick grazier McLeay St. Frederickton
CHAPMAN George grazier Yarrabandim Frederickton
CHAPMAN William farmer McLeay River Frederickton
CHEERS Adolphus farmer Yarrabandim Frederickton
CHEERS Frederick grazier Yarrabandim Frederickton
CHEERS James farmer Yarrabandim Frederickton
CHEERS Properus farmer Yarrabandim Frederickton
CHRISTIAN Cornelius jun. farmer McLeay River Frederickton
CHRISTIAN Cornelius farmer McLeay River Frederickton
CHRISTIAN Frank farmer --- Frederickton
CHRISTIAN Henry farmer McLeay River Frederickton
CLEGG John farmer McLeay River Frederickton
COOPER George jun. farmer McLeay St. Frederickton
COOPER George sen. farmer McLeay St. Frederickton
COOPER William teamster McLeay St. Frederickton
CRAIG Alexander farmer --- Frederickton
CROWE Thomas farmer McLeay River Frederickton
CUMMINS Alfred baker --- Frederickton
DEBENHAM E. storekeeper McLeay St. Frederickton
DONNELD Dennis farmer McLeay River Frederickton
DORAN Alexander farmer --- Frederickton
DORAN Charles farmer --- Frederickton
EDWARDS Benjamin farmer Yarrabandim Frederickton
EMMES Jonathan farmer --- Frederickton
FINUCANE Michael farmer McLeay River Frederickton
GARDINER William farmer --- Frederickton
HALE Sarah storekeeper McLeay St. Frederickton
HANDRIEN Daniel storekeeper --- Frederickton
HARRIS Richard --- McLeay St. Frederickton
HARWOOD Edward farmer --- Frederickton
HAVIS James farmer --- Frederickton
HAYES James farmer --- Frederickton
HAYES Robert farmer Seven Oaks Frederickton
HIBBARD John bootmaker McLeay St. Frederickton
HIBBARD William bootmaker McLeay St. Frederickton
HICKSON Peter labourer --- Frederickton
HILL Walter innkeeper McLeay St. Frederickton
HILLIAR John farmer --- Frederickton
HOGG William grazier --- Frederickton
HOPE Charles labourer McLeay St. Frederickton
HOWLEY William farmer Seven Oaks Frederickton
HULL William blacksmith --- Frederickton
HURRICKS Julius farmer Seven Oaks Frederickton
HURST George farmer --- Frederickton
JOHNSTONE Thomas grazier McLeay River Frederickton
JULIEN John farmer --- Frederickton
KANNER George butcher Yarrabandim Frederickton
KERR James baker McLeay St. Frederickton
LAWSON George shipwright McLeay St. Frederickton
LAWSON John shipwright Christopher Town Frederickton
LAWSON Thomas farmer Christopher Town Frederickton
LEAGERE William farmer McLeay River Frederickton
LIVINGSTONE James farmer McLeay River Frederickton
LONG Michael farmer McLeay River Frederickton
MARSHALL Thomas builder Seven Oaks Frederickton
MARTIN John farmer McLeay River Frederickton
MARTIN John farmer Seven Oaks Frederickton
MEARA John farmer --- Frederickton
MONTAGUE James sexton Yarrabandim Frederickton
MOORE William farmer --- Frederickton
MCDOWALL Robert sugar maker --- Frederickton
MCDOWALL William sugar maker --- Frederickton
MCENTER Philip farmer McLeay River Frederickton
MCKAY Donald farmer --- Frederickton
MCKAY James farmer --- Frederickton
NIKLESON John sawyer McLeay St. Frederickton
OAKES Augustus farmer McLeay River Frederickton
OAKES Susan farmer McLeay River Frederickton
PATTERSON William farmer --- Frederickton
PLUMER John farmer Seven Oaks Frederickton
PLUMER Robert farmer Seven Oaks Frederickton
PRAYWELL John farmer --- Frederickton
QUINN Patrick farmer Yarrabandim Frederickton
REARDON Michael farmer --- Frederickton
ROTHY William farmer --- Frederickton
ROWE G. J. assistant storekeeper  --- Frederickton
ROWE W. H. farmer --- Frederickton
ROWE William farmer McLeay St. Frederickton
RUDDER Augustus farmer McLeay River Frederickton
RUDDER Julius farmer --- Frederickton
RYAN John farmer --- Frederickton
RYAN Patrick farmer --- Frederickton
SANCASTER James farmer --- Frederickton
SANCASTER John teacher --- Frederickton
SAUL William farmer --- Frederickton
SAUNDERS Joseph farmer Seven Oaks Frederickton
SHAY Jeremiah farmer --- Frederickton
SNODGRASS Isabella farmer Seven Oaks Frederickton
SNODGRASS John farmer Seven Oaks Frederickton
SPENCER Charles grazier McLeay River Frederickton
STEVENSON Josiah innkeeper --- Frederickton
SULLIVAN William --- --- Frederickton
SWEENEY Catherine farmer McLeay River Frederickton
TAYLOR William farmer --- Frederickton
TROY George baker --- Frederickton
WILKINSON Edward labourer --- Frederickton
WILSON James storekeeper McLeay St. Frederickton
WILSON John farmer --- Frederickton


Greville 1872

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