SAMUELS and WHALLEY. from Cheryl Lean.

Hello Pamela & Tracey! I am downline from Henry’s brother (James) and have gathered quite a lot on this side of my family tree. I believe that Jane Whalley died suddenly of heart failure on 20 Dec 1903 at home in Lambert Street, Camperdown – aged 58 (b: c. 1845). Judging by the many memorial tributes from her children in 1904 & 1907, she was a much loved mother & wife of William. William placed his one & only tribute to his wife in 1904, not long before he died of a long and painful illness, on 21 Jan 1904 at 15 Lambert Street, Camperdown.
I found 2 possible births for Jane Whalley. 1) 12 Oct 1845 Padiham, Lancashire to John & Selina. 2) 1 Dec 1844 Blackburn, Lancashire to David & Elizabeth. The NSW BDM Death register has ‘WILLIAM’ as Jane’s father, but that could refer to husband William Samuels. If you purchase the marriage certificate of William & Jane, it ‘MAY’ show her parent’s names. Hope this helps, Cheryl (Qld)

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  1. I have the information on Jane – her father was William. She was born in 1845 in England. Her mother is Eliza Rook. They immigrated to Australia sometime between 1851 and 1853 as All of the children of William and Eliza were baptised at Newcastle (N.S.W)Christchurch Cathedral on Christmas Day 1853 (I have a copy of the entry from the church register) and they are listed as living in Barnsley England on the 1851 Census. I have most of the information of the Whalley family now – however I am still unable to trace exactly when/how/which ship they arrived in Australia. This is most frustrating (hehe). Thanks.

  2. Don’t know if you are interested or not – but I have found William Whalley and his wife and 3 children coming to Australia on ship Vimeria Left Gravesend August 1851 and arrived Sydney January 1852. The AA Co Coal company brought him and approximately 39 other miners out. The information is from a book called Pure Merinos and Others by P A Pemberton. It is the Shipping Lists of the Australian Agricultural Company. Also the children were baptised in 1853 on Christmas Day, but which time there were 4 of them. I have a copy of the Register from Christchurch Cathedral. Just thought I would let you know. Regards. Tracey.

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