I am writing a book which details the convicts and voyage of the convict ships Atlas1 and the Hercules. It also covers Major George Johnston and his background. A question, it has been noted on your site that Johnston was on the Hercules when it arrived in June 1802. My research from the records show him arriving on the ‘Buffalo’ in October 1802. Would much appreciate your advice where the record of his being on the Hercules was obtained. Happy to provide the final chapter on the ship when completed.

Kind regards

Brian Ahearn

SAMUELS and WHALLEY. from Cheryl Lean.

Hello Pamela & Tracey! I am downline from Henry’s brother (James) and have gathered quite a lot on this side of my family tree. I believe that Jane Whalley died suddenly of heart failure on 20 Dec 1903 at home in Lambert Street, Camperdown – aged 58 (b: c. 1845). Judging by the many memorial tributes from her children in 1904 & 1907, she was a much loved mother & wife of William. William placed his one & only tribute to his wife in 1904, not long before he died of a long and painful illness, on 21 Jan 1904 at 15 Lambert Street, Camperdown.
I found 2 possible births for Jane Whalley. 1) 12 Oct 1845 Padiham, Lancashire to John & Selina. 2) 1 Dec 1844 Blackburn, Lancashire to David & Elizabeth. The NSW BDM Death register has ‘WILLIAM’ as Jane’s father, but that could refer to husband William Samuels. If you purchase the marriage certificate of William & Jane, it ‘MAY’ show her parent’s names. Hope this helps, Cheryl (Qld)


Jane and Henry were both buried at Balmain cemetery but unfortunately it is no longer there.
Henry had a son James Charles Samuels who was my husband’s grandfather.
Could you let me have more information on Jane Whalley and I will be happy to send to you more
information on the Samuels family.
The first Henry was married to Hannah Hutchins who was previously married to Thomas Benson.
They are both buried  i.e. Hannah and Henry at Camperdown cemetery, New Town, Sydney.



Jan Russell said

March 20, 2011 at 11:48 am e

What a wonderful find. It has filled out names into people altho it doesn’t continue my branch past Peter Mark Ready and Sarah Ann Benson. They were my great great grandparents,by way of their daughter Elizabeth Hannah,who married John James Smith (aka Thomas Smith).Their daughter Mabel Mildred lambert was my grandmother. She married Frederick Eager Lambert , my father Donald Caitcheon Eager Lambert was their elder son.


Merilyn Hurrell said

March 27, 2011 at 11:12 pm

Hi Lynne,
I have received some correspondance from a lady who has been speaking with my nan (i’ve got the whole family talking about some photos trying to work out their names the lady’s name is Margaret Burns nee Price who is Mary Hurrell’s Grandaughter (Mary Hurrell – daughter of John and Ellen Hurrell). She sent me the same photo that you have above with all the names of the lady’s so i thought i would share with you.

In your photo which is the second from the top of this page;

Top L – R; Ellen Mathilda Hurrell, Mary Price (nee Hurrell), Anne Johnston (nee Hurrell)
Front L- R; Eliza Mary Sanders (nee Hurrell), Lucy Jane Sanders (nee Hurrell).

Jan, I believe your correct with your conclusion of the twins names, i have also came across these two names, and wondered the same thing.

I love putting the names to the faces its challenging but very rewarding. Thank you Lynne for providing this space to help locate the names.

Kind Regards,



Lynne Fiddick said

April 8, 2011 at 12:02 am

I am not related to Ann or John, however are you aware of the relationship between Ann and Henry Perts? They applied to marry in May 1822 and appear to have been together for a number of years (until about 1828). Henry was listed in the 1825 census with Ann as “his wife” although it does not appear they were formally married. She appeared for him in 1828 when he was charged and convicted of selling spirits illicitly. I am extremely interested in knowing all I can about Henry and wondered if you had any information about him at all.


G’day Lynne, I stopped in today to see Noel Everson (was married to Elsie Maud Sanders now deceased) and still lives on acreage in Kinhcela on the road to Hat Head but he wasn’t home. I drive through those parts frequently and enjoy the fact I have history around this area. My grandfather was Raymond Horace Sanders, whos father was Clement Constant Sanders the son of Frederick John Sanders followed by William (blackberry) Sanders. That makes me a proud sixth generation Sanders’ I thoroughly enjoyed the Anzac Day Dawn Service experience this year at South West Rocks where Herbet Burdett Sanders is listed first on the Cenetaph and was the first casualty of the Great War from the Macleay area.


I am the son of Ray Sanders and grandson of Clement Constant Sanders. I was born in Kingsford in 1940. I am not the Dick Sanders to whom you refer above and who apparently organised the Everson’s reunion in 1984 in Kempsey. This was told to me by Noel Everson at my aunt Jessie Boyes (nee Woodward) funeral at Kempsey on 30 Dec 2009. Noel had married Elsie Maud Sanders and told me that his grandmother was Elizabeth Grace Sanders. In the Kempsey Heritage Publications Catalogue, there are two documents: The Everson Families, by Phillip Everson, 1987 L and The Everson Story, by the Everson Reunion Committee, 1984 L. I have obtained extracts that relate to Sanders. Tracing them through I have found that Noel’s grandmother was the sister of my great grandfather Frederick.
All this though hinges on the fact that both Frederick and Elizabeth Grace were children of William Sanders (1823 – 1910) and Mary Ann Skivings (1830 – 1882).
Now my brother Bob (born Coledale 1937) has put together our family tree some years ago. In it he did not make a direct link between William and Mary Ann, and our great grandfather Frederick.
When I asked him if there was a direct link (email 31/1/10) he replied: “many years ago when i was in kempsey, i went to the registry office and made the same enquiry re frederick john. the lady at the desk asked me to wait a minute and disappeared out the back. she reappeared with the traditional dusty tome, and opened it at a page that showed the registration of his birth, the information provided by his father, william, who signed the declaration with an X in the four angles of which the clerk had written william- sanders- his- made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. it was like seeing a ghost.”
Now this strongly suggests that William was illiterate and needed to sign with an X. In your text, though, it says that he “reads and writes”. What do you think is the explanation?
Note that my brother’s family tree gives William as born in Devon and his father as John. Mary Ann is given as ‘Mary Ann Skimmings’, whose parents were George Skimmings and Grace Daw.
I am happy to pass on anything that I have that may be useful. I have Bob’s family tree typed up in Word and Excel.
By the way, the Everson papers extracts show that your Aunty May Sanders Everson (b. 14 Jun 1911) married Ted Everson on 11 Jun 1930. To close the circle of family coincidence, Ted is the brother of the Noel Everson who approached me at the funeral.

PS Like the other Dick Sanders, I also take offence at the repeated inclusion of the letter U into my surname. I checked once in the Newcastle phone book and Saunders outnumbers Sanders by 5 to 1, so I guess that accounts for it. Still annoying though.

PPS I haven’t plumbed the depths of your considerable web page yet so apologise if I’ve missed the obvious


Hi John
Thanks for the reply Agnes was my grandmother my father was Barrington Walter Taylor born 22nd September 1908 he was a well known musician in Campbelltown Margaret remembered him playing the panio and I have found mention of the family in Chronicles of Appin NSW by Sid Percival and Appin The Story of a Macquarie Town by Anne-Maree Whitaker I have a fair bit of inforation on the Taylors if you are interested I now live in Perth WA so doing family tree sometimes gets a bit frustrationg. Its loverly to catch up with family in 2006 we went to Elladale and were lucky enough to have a tour of the house which has been restored.
Yours Jan

Hi Jan,
Appreciate the email, very nice to hear from you. I know Stuart street very well, I have going there since I was born  and that was in 1953. Aunty Liela was my dad’s 1st cousin. My grandmother was Effie Hunt nee Kitching, Aunty Dot’s older sister. Sarah passed away in 1946, she saw my sister (Larraine) when my sister was less than a month old. I remember my Greatgrand father Robert (Sarah’s husband)as Dar Kitching, I was about 6 when he died. I have many fond memories of Stuart Street visiting the Riley’s and Perry’s over many years. Not sure if you know that Aunty Liela passed away recently, about 4-6 weeks ago. My sister and I went to the funeral at St Peter’s in Campbelltown and caught up with our cousin Margaret and Aunty Liela’s brother Peter, who came up from Adelaide. My sister has visited the Sanders home town of Kinchela and we have been researching it for some time now. We believe Sarah left Kinchela and came down to Appin and possibly lived with Agnes Taylor her sister, as you said I believe they were very close. It was along time ago early to mid 1890′s as my grandmother Effie was born in 1895.So Agnes is your grandmother or greatgrand mother ? Anyway enough from me, if you know anymore about the Sanders please feel to pass it on, I would appreciate that very much. GreatGreatGrandfather Sanders sure has a large extended family now :)
Kind regards
John Hunt

Hi John
I have been in contact with Leila Riley and Margaret Perry they still live in the Kitching home in Campbelltown
Lila Rileys mother was Dorothy Kitching and she was 93 at the time
My grandmother was Agnes Jane Taylor nee Sanders who lived in Appin and was friendly with her sister Sarah
The address in Campbelltown is 11 Stuart Street Campbelltown nd I think the ladies were in contact with the Campbelltown Historical Society.
Would like to hear from you
Jan Maurice nee Taylor.

Hi, thank you for this info
My Great Grandmother was one of the 11 children, she was Sarah Ellen Kitching (Sanders) of Narellan
Do you know where I could find out more about the Sanders of Kinchela ?
Would appreciate any help you could provide


John Hunt


What a marvellous website! Thanks to you and your researchers for all the information.
I have been researching my husband’s family (descended from Christina Bell and John Quirk) and can add a couple of marriages.
Elizabeth Bell married firstly William Butler Cochrane (no date but died in 1885 Tweed River Dist. age 34). She then married Joseph Walker in 1888 NSW 7237/1888 Tweed River Dist.
Christina married John Quirk 24 Aug 1878 at the home of Thomas Cochrane, Cairns Terrace North Brisbane. The witnesses were William Butler Cochrane and Elizabeth Bell.
Hope this is of use if you haven’t found them already.


Hi Mark,

Hopefully this will reach you..I think perhaps you are the person that Joan Carter (my aunt) from Woondooma told me about some years ago.. I am one of convict James Bell’s descendants also…my mother was a Bell from Barrington. I would love any information that you have collected or are prepared to share with me..perhaps i may have some little bits of information also that may interest you also…i have been interested in family research since i was a little girl if this reaches you i shall be extremely happy..

Regards Colleen


Philip Andrew Hurrell Just to let all to know that we are organizing a Hurrell family reunion on the 3rd of September which will be held at Comboyne showground starting at @11.00am. We would love to meet as many descendants of Lucy Jane Sanders who is the sister of my Great Grandfather Thomas Dennis Hurrell. if you need any info on the day please contact me on 0451308018. Cheers and hope to meet many of you there, Phil.

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