MAP 1811 NSW


Chapter I.

Discovery of New South Wales.–Arrival of a Colony there from England.– Obstructions calculated to retard the Progress of the Settlement.– Departure of Governor Phillip.–Intervening Governors, until the Arrival of John Hunter, Esq. and his Assumption of the Government.– Printing Press set up.–Cattle lost, and Discovery of their Progeny in a wild State.–Playhouse opened.–Houses numbered.–Assessments for the building of a Country Gaol.–Town Clock at Sidney.–Natives.– Convicts.–Improvement of the Colony.–Seditious Dispositions of the Convicts.–Departure of Governor Hunter.–His Character and Government.– Comparison of Stock, &c.–Governor King assumes the Command of the Settlement–Table of Specie Vessel laden with Spirits sent away.– Earthquake.–Inundation at the Hawkesbury.–First Criminal for Forgery executed.–Atlas struck by Lightning.–Tempests.–Desertions of the Convicts.–Newspaper established.–Murders.–Singular Execution.–Lieutenant–Governor Collins forms a new Settlement.–Insurrection of the Convicts.–The Introduction and Progress of Vaccination, and its subsequent Loss.–Influx of the Sea at Norfolk Island.–Limits of Counties defined.–Ship overset in a Tempest.


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