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Mark Rogers said

November 9, 2009 at 8:28 am e

Hi Lynne, we share a lot of GG-ancestors. I’m a John Quirk descendant.

James Bell – I can help you there – he died in early Feb 1852, as you’ll see toward the bottom of the 3rd column on p.2 of this page of the Maitland Mercury

He’s been well researched by others, but no breakthrough back to family in Glasgow unfortunately – I was sent a transcript of his trial if you are interested, refers to him living with his sister but no name – it wasn’t housebreaking as such, he and another (who got away) were attempting to bore through the floor of a stationery store.

Bells/Quirks/McLeods/ Lauries are well worked veins, lots of genies working on it over the years but I’d never google-searched before so glad to find your site.

Feel free to contact me off-line. Love to share.

christina bell & elizabeth bell 



2009/11/12 at 10:49am

Thanks for the acknowledgements Lynne, I’d like to also acknowledge Jan Morrison (photos & all the Margaret McLeod research in Scotland), Marie Toshack (Bell/Laurie photos & research)

2009/11/09 at 8:52am

Christina Quirk’s daughter Janet was a spinster and very interested in the family history. She passed on a lot of the oral history to her nephew Harold Quirk who inherited John Quirk’s property “Matildadale” at Tumbulgum and now lives at Banora Point on the Tweed. So I got a good “leg-up” from the oral history when I first started paying attention. Much of what I’ve been able to verify has been spot-on so I have pretty good confidence in the detail I can’t verify. Happy to share.

I also have copies of photos of Agnes Mary Bell, DO Norman; also Wilhelmina Bell; Granny Bell and of course my own ancestor Christina Quirk (nee Bell) if you are interested.


2009/03/28 at 6:20am

Interesting that i find your wonderful site congratulations .
I am also a descendant of Norman Bell.
Norman Bell was my mother Williamina Agnes’s grandfather. I have great interest in the past and the history of where we have come from and over the years have gained little snippets of information from those who are no longer with us and of course would love to know more and more.

Norman Bell - Copy

2008/07/11 at 6:36am


can i just say that i love your site its wonderful,

i am the great great grand daughter of john and maryann bell i did notice that my grand fathers
name was not on the list children his name was leslie d.r. bell b1878 d1941 married to margaret swan taree 4 children gary b.1935 d.1977 newcastle, elaine joy bell b.22.3.38 d.3.3.87 my mother ashes on big brother mountain where she wanted to be.(other 2 children still born)




2008/10/24 at 11:52pm


Do you have any further information on Thomas Benson re his parents, or siblings?

I am trying to see if this person may be linked to my Benson family.

Kind regards



I am researching the Curtis family from Bristol and wonder if you could let me know if your John Curtis was Father to Cornelius Curtis B Bristol 1797 Cornelius was a Baker as were his eight sons one of which was my GG Grandfather.

The CURTIS line is on the maternal side of my family and began with JOHN CURTIS.  1750-1821. This line initiated in Australia with convicts arriving early in the 1800s. John Curtis married Anne Moran and they had land in the Cumberland District of Sydney ( Parramatta Way).

Allan Delaney said

December 11, 2009 at 2:30 am e

Hello Lynne,
I am a GGGgrandson of John Curtis and Ann Moran, GGgrandson of Kitty Curtis and George Eccleston on one side,and Sarah Walsh and Fintan Delaney on the other. I have lived in Perth the past fifty-four years although I grew up in Cooma, fairly near the early family areas around the Snowy River. It was good to see all the excellent work that you have done, honouring your ancestors.
Allan Delaney



2008/10/01 at 1:19pm

I’m related to John Curtis and Ann Moran through Catherine ( kitty) & George Eccleston have you been into the dairy precint in paramatta park. if not you may find it interesting.

Kim Sheppard said

October 24, 2008 at 11:36 am e

Hi Lynne,

Just stumbled on your site and what a site it is! John Curtis and Ann Moran are my ggg.grandparents. James, their son, is my gg.grandfather. I lived most of my life at Maroubra. Mary Parsons’ (James’ wife) headstone is also at Botany, but I’m not sure if it is still standing. James’ daughter Teresa married into the Meillon family and so we are connected to John Meillon the actor. I’d love to know more about Ann Moran; she is one tough lady. Cheers, Kim.



2009/02/24 at 11:05pm

I am currently writing a book on the Atlas and the voyage of that ship and the Hercules. I wanted to advise the date of arrival of the Hercules in Port Jackson, it was June 26, 1802, not 1801. The Atlas arrived July 6, 1802. Hercules left Cork with the Atlas on November 29,1801. Regarding the fine paid by Betts, it was exactly 500 pounds and allocated to the Orphan fund, if he did not pay the fine at the end of the trial he was to be imprisoned. Interestingly, Betts was found ‘not guilty’ of the first indictment. However, guilty of manslaughter of Prendergass. I have copies of both log books and trial notes (HRA).

Hope this adds some helpful ‘extras’ to your research.


Brian Ahearn-Australia



2009/07/31 at 12:12am | In reply to nellibell49.

Dear Lynne

earlier this year, Mary Curtis-Wilson offered to provide information about John Curtis jnr. I wondered whether she might have anything relating to Ann Moran, especially her antecedents in Ireland.

Could you ask Mary to contact me at so that we can discuss any information in her possession.


Paul Fergus


2009/01/13 at 7:27am

I am related to John Curtis and Ann moran through his son john Curtis jnr. If you would like any info about John jnr and his descendants to the present day let me know and i will be happy to provide them


2009/07/19 at 5:34am

Dear Lynne
I also am descended from John Curtis and Ann Moran through their daughter Catherine and George Eccleston. I am their third great-grandson.
In two weeks, my wife and I will be visiting Ireland and I am hoping that I might be able to do a bit more research on the ground about Ann as she certainly seems to have been a remarkable woman.
I am trying to resolve a number of discrepancies between various items of information in my possession.
The best information seems to indicate that she was convicted in Trim in Co Meath in 1797 (coincidentally the year that John arrived in Sydney)in connection with political activities and that she was held in jail in Ireland for five years before being transported to Australia on the Hercules in November 1801, arriving here on 26 June 1802. One record in the State Library implies that the prisoners on the Hercules were convicted for offences in the “late rebellion” which can only mean the United Irishmen in 1798 from the context.
I should be grateful for any information you can provide that might assist with my research in Ireland.
While visiting my son and his family in London after Ireland, I intend to return to Bristol to undertake more research into John Curtis. I obtained a lot of information 18 months ago including records of the marriage of John Curtis and Jane Purrier and of the baptisms of all 11 of their children in St Philip and St Jacobs Church in Cheese Lane, Bristol. From these records, I managed to visit the three streets in which they lived at the times of the births of different children. For most of their married life they lived in Cheese Lane, near the Church. I suspect that as his accountancy practice failed and he got into financial difficulties, the family was forced to move to less salubrious accommodation.
I also managed to obtain copies of one press report of John’s conviction and death sentence at Gloucester Assizes for coining. The judge must have been feeling sympathy for John because another man convicted and sentenced to death at the same sittings was immediately taken for “execution of the sentence” but the judge commuted John’s sentence to transportation for life.
After returning to Australia in April 2008, I managed to locate descendants of John’s and Jane’s youngest child in New York.
Paul Fergus



2009/07/21 at 6:42am

Love the site.
I am descended through Catherine, Mary Jane m George Eccleston


2009/07/26 at 4:14am

From the information I have John Jnr spent most of his adult life in Adaminaby on a property known as Rock Forest. I am descendant of Catherine Curtis and George Eccleston. They too lived on the property. My great grandmaoth Olive Eccleston was born at Rock Forest. From what I understand the property was owned by John Jnr and his brother Peter

2009/07/26 at 4:20am | In reply to Anne Oleary.

Could Mary Curtis-Wilson please contact me at as I have some questions regarding the Curtis family.


Penny Van Der Have said

May 21, 2008 at 1:04 pm e

Greatly interested as Hannah Hitchens/Hutchings is my gt gt grandmother by her second marriage to Henry Samuels. Their daughter Louisa Matilda married to Jabez Brown was my gt grand mother.I have just this very day being trying to trace both parts of the familie’s movements in Victoria and NSW. When was Thomas Benson admitted to Liverpool asylum and why? Hannah and Henry’s 1st child Hannah was born in 1832 within days of his death and they did not mary until 1836 with permission of the govt. Hannah did not get her Conditional Pardon until 1838.Henry was also a convict.
Cheers Penny


Hi Penny
I am married to Lawrence John Samuels a descendant of Henry Samuels and Hannah.
Would you like to talk to me.



2009/01/14 at 2:10pm

Hello all! How exciting to find this website . Hannah & Henry were my 3 x great grandparents. I have pasted Hannah’s Old Bailey record below for your files if you don’t have it. Below that is Thomas Benton/Benson’s Old Bailey records & a little more about him which might explain why he was considered ‘mad enough’ to be placed in Sydney’s lunatic asylum – it was not a nice place. If you don’t have Henry Samuel’s Old Bailey record, just do a search for “Old Bailey” and you’ll find him in there as well. It is wonderful to find other ‘family’ researching our heritage here in Oz and I look forward to coming back to this site often to see how our ancestry unfolds. Cheers, Cherlock Qld.
THE TRIAL OF HANNAH HUTCHINS – 25th June 1823 at the Old Bailey Courthouse. ORIGINAL TEXT: Before Mr. Justice Burrough. 911. MARIA WILLIAMS and HANNAH HUTCHINS were indicted for stealing, on the 20th of May, at St. Andrew, Holborn, thirty-three yards of poplin, value 2 l., the goods of Miles Metcalf, in his dwelling-house. CHARLES WILSON. I am shopman to Miles Metcalf , a linendraper, who lives in High Holborn. On the 20th of May, between six and seven o’clock in the evening, I was called down from tea, and found the prisoners in the shop, and as they were going out, I said I suspected they had something which did not belong to them; Hutchins denied it – Williams desired her to give it up if she had anything; she still persisted that she had nothing. I sent for a constable, and before he came Hutchins took the poplin from under her clothes, and gave it to me – it measured thirty-two yards, and is worth exactly 40 s., it cost us 1 s. 4 d. a yard – we should sell it for 5 s. or 6 s. more. Williams begged hard to be let go, and said she would take the print away, and pay the money if we would let them go; she said nothing about the poplin. Hutchins said she had never seen it after she had given it up – she could not account how it got under her petticoats. They at first said they had not enough to pay for the print, which came to 8 s. 3 d., but 14 s. was found on one of them. JOHN LATIMER CLARK . I am servant to Mr. Metcalf; the prisoners came to the shop, and both asked to see a printed cotton; I saw Bow the shopman who is not here, shew them a great many. I was behind the counter opposite to them, about a yard from them; they were about ten minutes looking at them, and did not like any of them. I saw Hutchins convey a piece of figured poplin under her petticoat; she rather stooped to do it; Williams was close to bet, she did not put it on the side Williams stood, but Williams came on the other side of her at the time, and held up a printed cotton, while she was doing it, and asked me the price of it. I immediately ran up stairs and told Wilson, who came down with me, they were than paying 1 s. deposit for a print – they were going out, and he said, he thought they had something which did not belong to them, Hutchins denied it. I left them with Wilson, while I fetched Collins, the officer. JAMES COLLINS. I am a constable. I was fetched. Wilson gave me the poplin and the prisoner’s in charge. (Property produced and sworn to.) WILLIAMS’S Defence. I was coming along Holborn, and met Hutchins very much in liquor. She asked me to go with her to buy a gown, and I went with her, not knowing that she meant to steal.

HUTCHINS – GUILTY – DEATH. Aged 16. – Later commuted to Transportation. WILLIAMS – NOT GUILTY.

This was found on the Jenny Fawcett site, for deaths of Convicts in NSW. Name: Benson, Thomas. Ship Arrived On: Ocean. Year of Death: 1832. Source:

Well the above certainly provided more information once I contacted Jenny Fawcett. The surname of Thomas was often spelt thus: ‘BENTON” and not BENSON, so another search of the Old Bailey records turned up a transcript of his Court appearance & subsequent conviction.

ORIGINAL TEXT: Before Mr. Baron Garrow 28. THOMAS “BENTON” was indicted for stealing, on the 30th of October 1822, five shirts, value 25 s., and two handkerchiefs, value 2 s., the goods of Thomas Barnett; and one pair of shoes, value 2 s., the goods of Sarah Spencer, from her person. SARAH SPENCER. I live with my mother, in Vinegar-lane, Commercial-Road – she is a laundress. Thomas Barnet is my father-in-law. On the 30th of October, about a quarter before eight o’clock, I was in Gravel-lane with a bundle of linen, into which I put a pair of shoes which I had bought there. As I came out of the shop, I saw three men standing there – one of them snatched my bundle, and was gone in a moment; one of the others ran after him. The prisoner held me fast while the others got away – he held me full two or three minutes; it was moon-light, and the lamps were lit; I screamed out for assistance, and he ran towards the others, but was stopped before I lost sight of him – I am certain of him. My bundle was produced in a few minutes; it had been picked up in the direction they ran. JOHN AVERY. I am a Bow-street patrol. I heard a young woman scream out, and ran to her – she said, “They have got my bundle, there he goes, that is him.” The other two ran up Chigwell-hill, and the prisoner ran up by the dock wall, and took to the left. I secured him; she immediately said he was the man who held her. I went to Chigwell-hill, and picked up the bundle. The linen belonged to a Captain, and was given up to him. I asked how he came there, he said he went on an errand from his master, Mr. Ward, French-alley, Goswell-street, and afterwards said he went on his own pleasure. (Shoes produced and sworn to.) Prisoner’s Defence. I was going to the Black Horse, public-house, Gravel-lane, to see a man. The prosecutrix screamed out, and said she was robbed – I went up and asked who by; she said a man, and pointed towards the wall-several people ran, and I was taken. SARAH SPENCER. He did not come and ask who robbed me. I am certain of him.

GUILTY. Aged 19. SENTENCE: “Transported for Life”.

Thomas was placed aboard the Ocean II, which sailed from Portsmouth on 24th April 1823, and arrived in Sydney on 27th August 1823. The trip took 125 days, with 173 men embarking on the journey, but only 165 persons disembarked at Sydney. The ships Captain was William Harrison, and the Surgeon, James McTernan. Thomas was immediately marched to the Hyde Park Barracks where he worked for the Government and in 1826, applied to marry Hannah.

It would seem that Thomas ran away in 1830 and was subsequently recaptured some days later, as the following report states. He did marry Hannah in 1826, and it appears that they proceeded to have 3 children – 2 girls (Mary Ann 1826, Sarah A 1831, & a son named William in 1829 who died shortly after in 1831).

A notice was sent to the Principal Superintendent of Convicts’ Office in Sydney on May 15, 1830 & printed in the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser on Tuesday, 18th May 1830. On Page 3, Column 5. It read:

The undermentioned prisioners having absconded from the Individuals and Employment set against the Names, respectively, and some of them being at large with stolen Certificates, and Tickets of Leave, all Constables and others are hereby required and commanded to use their utmost Exertions in apprehending and lodging them in safe Custody. Any Person harbouring or employing any of the said Absentees will be prosecuted as the Law directs- (among those listed)

1. Benton or Benson, Thomas, Ocean, 28 Toy Maker, London. 5 feet 3, light blue eyes, black hair, brown complexion. From: Employed-Hyde Park Barrack. By: F. A. Hely, J.P., Principal Superintendent of Convicts.

Printed in the above newspaper on Thursday, 3rd June 1830, Page 4, Column 4, was the following:

Principal Superintendent of Convicts’ Office Sydney, May 29, 1830

LIST OF RUNAWAYS APPREHENDED DURING THE PAST WEEK (among those listed) Benson Thomas, Ocean, from Hyde Park Barrack. F. A. Hely, J.P., Principal Superintendent of Convicts.

After obtaining Thomas’s Burial Registration, it appears the poor fellow died in Sydney’s first Lunatic Asylum. His “Quality or Profession” – Insane, with his abode noted as “Lunatic Asylum”.

Kim Willis said

November 14, 2009 at 10:27 am e

Hi Lynne, your site was passed on to me by James O’Brien. I have been looking into my mums family, the McLeans from Lismore and have gone back as far as a young John McLean ..born in Argyleshire Scotland in 1835 but whose family moved to the Island of Mull. When he was nearly 3 he arrived with his parents and other family members on 20/1/1838 on the “Brilliant”. You can look on James’ site to see the whole bit but I dont seem to be able to find out who the young Johns parents were and if he had any other siblings besides a brother called Donald. The lists above mention married males and females etc but I cant read the side….does it mention the children as well?? It wouldnt surprise me to find out his father was called John too as he also produced a son by the same name and the first born were often called after their parents…its his mothers name and perhaps any brothers or sisters that i seem to be coming to a standstill with. Plus the fact that there are so many of the males in the family called John!! Anything you could suggest to shed any light? Happy to hear from you either on this or by email….thanks heaps…Kim

Kim Willis said

November 14, 2009 at 12:22 pm e

Found a site that had a passenger list for the Brilliant. Have found two McLean was father Donald 30, Euphemia 28, Donald 3 and John 2 and also another John 32, Catherine 28, Marion 5, Donald 4 and John 2. Both of these would fit the bill of my ancestor John and his brother far have no reference to them having a sister. I think James gave me your site because of the reference to a Janet McLean above the newspaper article on the Brilliant. I started researching some of this this morning and am still going from site to site. Its quite fascinating. Thanks for your help…

Kim Willis said

November 15, 2009 at 12:57 am e

Hi again…No I live in Brisbane..mum and dad moved up from Lismore when I was little….I actually went onto one of the NSW Library sites and some of the information on people aboard the Brilliant was pretty scant. Out of 300 odd though at least 50 were McLeans!! I am going to try to find out more on probably Euphemia because it is one of the rarer names as opposed to Catherine, but one article I was reading said that proper registraion of births, deaths and marriages didnt really come to the fore until about 1855, and in a lot of cases females were just mentioned as wives etc. and not names! Found a list of the Duke of Argyll’s landdwellers and there were heaps of McLeans there as well… it’s really interesting once you get started on it isnt it? I remember going to a family reunion when I was little…Dads side are all Welsh. Am going to try to track down that side as well. Will let you know how I progress. Thanks.

Chris Beasley said

December 26, 2009 at 8:25 pm e

Hi Kim with thanks to Lynne,
There is some anecdotal evidence that Donald and Euphemia(nee McLean)moved to Tower Hill in the Warrnambool area of Victoria after arriving per Brilliant from the Isle of Coll. A few of us have been looking hard at this family and are still befuddled by the similarity of names and first cousin marriages which really confuses the issue. We are also looking for a John McLean and his wife Mary (nee McLean also) plus children Neil and another Euphemia and whereas the children have generated some further history in Victoria the parents have disappeared on us. I am currently working on the assumption that Mary and Euphemia (Donalds wife) were sisters. Would love to hear how you are getting on Chris

Maggie Mcleod said

January 10, 2010 at 12:41 pm e

my grandad mcleod dont know first name re married dont know who, but went or was from highlands , granny was evelyn mcleod had 2 sons 1 daughter , granny also remarried so never spoke about first marriages just a shot .

Gabrielle Watterson said

December 20, 2008 at 11:51 am e

Hello there
I happened across your website this evening and noticed you have a link to mine in connection with the Brilliant. You have done a marvellous job with your site, can you tell me what web program you used. Quite co-incidentally I lived in Laurieton for many years and so have heard of some of your names through articles in the local paper. Additionally I think the land purchased near Condong from John McLeod is a link to my family. My McLeods came on the Brilliant and owned some land in that area, they were also connected to the sugar mill. Cheers Gabrielle

Philip Strong said

April 18, 2009 at 11:07 am e

I am researching the McNEIL and McLEAN families… my FOSTER family is descended from them.

See chapter 8 of my website which describes this section of the FOSTERs

Please contact me about your BELL family.



2008/05/11 at 6:37am

Am very interested in photo of Sarah and George Moore. They are my great great grandparents, I am a direct descendant in the Moore Family. Are there any more photos available? Where might you have got this photo? Do you know any family history? I would love to hear any stories.



2009/10/25 at 6:59am

I love your site but have to query your great-grandfather saying he travelled north with Thomas Robinson, the founder of Bangalow. My great great grandfather was Thomas Chowne Robinson (1844-1922)who travelled north from the Dungog/Allyn River/Manning River area to become the first land grant holder in Bangalow. In 1865, Thomas was not even married yet,let alone travelling north to Lismore. He married in 1871, and was still farming in the Manning River area for a further eight years until the floods wiped him out. My great grandmother, his second daughter told me he went north in the year/years prior with his brother Jack to set up a hut and enought cleared space to keep a cow and then returned to Dungog to bring his wife and three children to the “Big Scrub”. They arrived in 1881. Their fourth child Mabel was the first white child born in Bangalow.

_____________________ ________________________________________________ _____________________________

2009/12/09 at 10:39am

I am doing a Pioneer Register of Port Macquarie 1821-1900 Dr Fattorini is buried here with his first wife, Clemence La Monnerier Beaufiels. I cannot find children from second marriage to Lavinia Tozer here in Port Macquarie it states he was left with a small family after his second wife died. Being early registrations I would like to know if any one knew og this family and can help me. Regards Pam Yates

Ros Lunsford said

October 19, 2008 at 12:37 pm e

I’m the granddaughter of Albert Dudley Johnston who married Anne Hurrell and owned the store at Kinchela.

Cathy Hurrell Jones Nesselroade said

October 5, 2009 at 2:14 am e

I live in Danville, Virginia. USA. My Grandfather was Thomas Hercules Hurrell fm the UK. He died around 1931 in Texas somewhere. He was a Merchant Marine. We know little about him other than that his family lived near London and he had an Aunt, Ursula Cox who was a concert pianist in the early 1900’s. My mother’s name is Janie Elizabeth Hurrell. I would love to find out more about his family. Emails would be welcomed. Great Website. Cathy



2009/08/03 at 6:26am

I recently visited my grandparents at Comboyne, NSW and was talking with nana about the Family History Research i had been doing. She brought out alot of photos a similar one to the one above on the back was “hurrell sisters”. However we were unsure of the names of each of the ladies at the time.

Hi Lynne,

If you would like a copy of the photo i have i can send it via email, you’ll definately be able to see how similar the photo’s are. I have alot of the information you have above from talking with my nana. she also gave me a duplicate copy of John Hurrell’s death certificate which listed mary warner as his mother…. i never knew that john married twice. Barb Miller provided me with with alot of information a couple of years back which is the same as what you have in the Hurrell section. You’ve done a great Job on your site here, alot of hard work and time. let me know if you would like me to share the photo. I copied all photo’s from my nana and scanned them to put in my tree.
Warm regards,


Hurrell Sisters




2009/05/23 at 3:34am

I am a granddaughter of the owners of the store at Kinchela the late Albert Dudley and Ann (nee Hurrell) Johston. I was very pleasantly surprised to find this photo of the store on your blog. My mother was Sybil Johnston, twin sister of Daisy Margaret Johnston and sister to Leiton, Varney, Harold, Athol and Beth (all deceased). The family left Kinchela in 1916 and settled in Haberfield, Sydney.

2009/08/23 at 4:31am

Hi Lynne

It’s wonderful of you, Merelyn Hurrell and her Nan to share these photos. Thank you so much. I think the aunt in the top right hand corner is my grandmother Ann. I only have a couple of photos of Ann taken in later years and it’s such a lovely surprise to see a photo of her as a younger woman. According to the list of John and Ellen’s ten children on your heritage website Ann was the youngest female child. In both photos the aunt I’m referring to looks to be younger than her four sisters.

Warm regards, Judy Zappacosta


2009/08/22 at 1:51am

Hi Lynne
Your ancestry website is wonderful Lynne. Thank you for taking the time to painstakingly gather and share your research. I appreciate your generosity. I’m just starting to trace my Hurrell heritage and it’s been wonderful to read recent discussion between you and other Hurrell descendents/researchers on your website.
I understand, though haven’t found NSW BDM birth records to support my assumption, that your grandmother, Lucy Jane Hurrell, was my great aunt. My maternal grandmother was supposedly her younger sister Ann who married Albert Dudley Johnston. They owned the Kinchela store, a photo of which is on your webpage ‘Images of Kinchela’.
I’m a little cautious about assuming lineage here because I have a few gaps to fill in my understanding of my Hurrell lineage and three gaps in particular are Lucy Jane’s, Ann’s and Mark’s parentage and birth registrations. According to the listing, on your 20 August 2008 webpage under Barb Miller’s information, John and Ellen Hurrell had 10 children. I’ve only been able to find birth registrations on BDM for 7 – John, Eliza Mary, Mary, Thomas Dennis, Ellen Matilda, James and George.
I can’t find registrations for Lucy Jane, Mark or Ann and would very much appreciate any clarification on their parentage and birth registrations. I understand there could be any number of reasons as to why these records are easily traceable.
Prior to reading the list, I was somewhat unaware of Lucy Jane’s and Mark’s existence because I hadn’t been able to find their birth registrations on NSW BDM and also since my mother Sybil’s death in 1996, I haven’t had any surviving family members from whom I could learn more about my Hurrell connections. There is a birth registration (8143/1860) for a Lucy J. Hurrell, which you’ve referred to on your March 25 2008 webpage, born to John and Elizabeth Hurrell, not Ellen.
According to your list Ann was born in 1872 however the only birth registration I’ve found that comes closest to Ann in the Kempsey – Macleay River area is for ‘Annie P’ born to Thomas D and Isabella Johnston in 1871 at Macleay River. I recall my late aunt Daisy Margaret Johnston (Ann and Dudley’s youngest daughter and twin sister to my mother Sybil) saying many years ago that she’d been unable to obtain a copy of Ann’s birth certificate. I’d started to wonder whether John and Ellen had adopted Ann as I can’t find evidence her birth. Ann died at Ashfield in 1955 and her BDM death record (631/1955) lists her parents as John and Ellen. BDM’s record (3266/1985) of her marriage to Albert Dudley Johnston at Kempsey gives Ann’s surname as Hurrell.
My BDM birth registration searches for Mark also haven’t returned any results.
Mark and Ruth Hurrell were parents to three children Herbert, Elsie and Ruth. I had a lot of contact with Elsie when I was a child because she was a frequent visitor to my Nanna Ann’s house in Haberfield, Sydney.
I’ve recently looked through old family photos and found a photo of Lucy Jane with the inscription in Daisy’s handwriting ‘Aunty Lucy’ taken at around the time of your photo of Grandma Lucy Sanders and the aunts. I have another small photo of either Ann or it could be Ellen (also taken around the same time as the photos featuring Lucy and the aunts) who I understand from Mum lived with Ann and her family when they moved from Kempsey to Haberfield, Sydney. I’ve also found a photo of a Mrs D Hurrell, Jerseyville although I haven’t traced her lineage as yet. I’d be very happy to share these photos with you when I can get my scanner working!

Warm regards

Judy Zappacosta


2008/08/08 at 6:42am

Martha Julian was born 10.2.1856 at North Kempsey she married Thomas Craig 25.7.1877 and she died 31.5.1932 and is burried at Frederickton Cemetery. Her parents were John Julian and Elizabeth Keast.
Hope this verifies your query. Feel free to contact for further queries.Margaret



2009/09/27 at 9:58pm

Dear Lynne, while reaserching my daughters family tree I have come across your info on Sarah. Robert Evan Kitching is her great, great uncle, I have a copy of their marriage cerificate, he was born 1876,came from England 1879 aboard ‘Samuel Plimsoll’ with four, siblings, Edith, Cornelius, Fred and Alfred father Thomas and mother Cecilia. Cornelius is our connection. Thought we would share this with you as you have shared your family with us. Robert’s father died 1939 buried Cambeltown area also.
Best Wishes. Julio. P.S let me know if I can help further.


2009/12/03 at 1:13pm

Hi Lynne,
My name is Sharon Burt(nee Rowe)My father was Albert Clarence Rowe son of Hercules William @ Margaret Ann Anderson.I just know I’m on the right track here because I remember the names Sanders & Hurrell.I would love any info you have on Hercules, his parents, siblings etc would be much appreciated.
Regards Sharon


Hi There, I am Dorothey Roberts from Canberra, the grand daughter of Frederick William Sanders and Euphemia Sanders(nee Nelson)
My email is should you wish to make contact.
Cheers for now,
Dorothey R .

40 40 fred jg dick & clem 1948


Recent contact was made by Dorothy Roberts and she has since provided me with Photographs and Information on her strand of the Family. Dorothey’s Grandfather was the Brother of my Father’s Father, John George Sanders. Follow the categories to the Left for further details. Its a pleasure to add Dorothey to Family I am coming to know. I shall add her material very shortly.

Judy said

June 17, 2008 at 9:00 pm e

Hi Lynne,
Great Photos !!!!
I am also the great grand daughter of Frederick John Sanders. My grandfather was Clement Constant Sanders (Fredericks Son). My father was Donald Clement Sanders. Would love to hear from you. The photo of William Sanders sent shivers through my spine, I looks like my father returned from his grave, every feature is the same as my fathers. Cheers Judy

That’s WILLIAM with the white hair and beard.


2009/09/04 at 8:54am

Hi Lynne I think I’ve found the twins their was a couple of sets but most died in infancy but Harriett Sanders born 4 July 1852 married Thomas Rowe their daughter Mary Elizabeth Rowe born 1880 married Mark Hurrell in 1907 and Dulcie E R Hurrell 25209/1907 and Edna M R Hurrell 1907/25210 This would make the photo 4 generations of girls just like the one with the men.
Hope I’m right Bye Jan



James said

January 4, 2010 at 6:48 pm e

Hi Lynne

I’ve been meaning to mention for sometime since first looking at your site,
I have a Sanders North Coast connection, though I’m not sure if there’s a

My sister was married to Ray Hyland for many years. His sister, Vonnie
(that’s what we called her, though I can’t remember if that’s her real name)
was married to a Sanders in Lismore. I remember one of the sons, also Ray,
was about my age.

Anyway, just wondering if the connection was there.


Janice Maurice said

June 25, 2008 at 12:33 am e

my grandmother was Agnes JAne Sanders daughter of William and Mary Ann Skivings she married CHW Taylor would like to hear from any family JAnice Maurice nee TAylor Perth WA



Hi Lynne
Have found some information from another cousin
Elizabeth Sanders born 1850 in the Parish of St Batholomews Prospect
Harriett,William and Frederick J borb in the Parish was St Thomas [CO AYS]Port Macquarie. I don’t know if they were baptised at these churches but they would have been registred their.
Buried Frederickton Cementry Methodist
25-William George died 10 August 1923 age 69
28-Sanders Christopher George son og William and Mary Ann died 3rd January 1882 age 8years and 6 months also 29-Mary Ann wife of William died 13 Nov 1882 age 52 and 30-William died 19 December 1910 age 86.


2008/07/22 at 8:34am

Hi Lynne Well what do you know I have a relative who was also on the Three Bees Hugh Kennedy whos daughter Elizabeth Kennedy married John Taylor.
Hugh Kennedy born about 1768 was indicted for having in his custody at Belfast on August 1812 a counterfeit Bank of Ireland note for one pound two shillings and ninepence knowing it to be forged transported for 14 years age 44 occupation weaver.
The Three Bees only made one voyage after her arrival in 1814 she caught fire near Government wharf and exploded in the harbour then drifted onto the rocks at Bennalong point where she burnt to the water line.
Hugh died in march 1843 he owned land in Grose Street Parramatta

Chris McCarthy said

October 25, 2008 at 9:33 pm e

Hi Lynne

I am descended also from frederick. My GF was Clarence McLeay Sanders so I suppose that makes us cousins. Would love to get together and discuss details. My mobile is 0412 221 587 and I live in Port Macquarie.


Sharon Burt said

December 10, 2009 at 11:00 pm e

Hi again Lynne,I found your website the other night(very late)& was so excited.Yes I too am the GGGGGG granddaughter of Thomas Sanders & Martha Bond.My father was Albert Clarence Rowe son of Hercules William Rowe who was the son of Harriet Francis Sanders & Thomas Rowe.I can fill you in on from Hercules William onwards.
Hercules William married Margaret Ann Warneton Anderson(she died in 1918 from the Spanish flu)they lived in Balmain at the time.I am trying to find out about the Andersons her father was Alexander and her mother was Margaret.My father Albert Clarence married Jessie Summerhill(she has just turned 90 and is going great guns)So now I’m on the trail of Andersons & Summerhills.Thankyou for doing such a great job.Please keep in contact, cousin. Regards Sharon(nee Rowe)


Would love to have Jen Sanders email address. Her Cyril Rex Sanders was married to Dorothy Ellen Allingham, who was the daughter of Dorothy Mercer, who was the little sister of my great grandfather!!



2009/07/27 at 9:21am

Hi Lynne,

I was just doing a wild search for an ancestor of mine and dicovered your site. Will have to search more thoroughly at another time, as I think you may have some very useful information for me. Clement COnstant Sanders, who was Frederick John’s brother or son (will have to check and get back to you) was my great grandfather. I’m very excited to find a site that has some of my family history, as I keep finding other Sanders lines that are not related.
Whereabouts are you??? I’m in Orange, NSW.

2009/08/14 at 12:37am

Hi again Lynne… sorry I haven’t called… have been looking through my information to see if have anything that can fill some of the holes you have here.. I have a couple of death dates and places that you don’t have listed above, but you may have these elsewhere… You have filled a lot of holes for me though, thank you so much.
I have been trying to find a copy of of Herbert Burdett’s service record, as my Pop told me (before he died) that Uncle Bertie died in France during the First World War, but I haven’t found anything confirming that he even served! Found one of the other brothers who made it back, but not him? Any thoughts?
Will definitely speak to you soon.

10 bert grandpa maude & grandma

Herbert Burdett Sanders with Grandfather Frederick Sanders, Grandma  Lucy Jane (nee Hurrell) and Auntie Maude.

Hi Jen, Just checked the AWM website and found more than I thought existed about Bert. I think its Grandma Sanders who writes about losing one son and 6 nephews. That’s LUCY JANE HURRELL SANDERS. Different story from what oral family history told me and very sad. Yrs Lynne.

2009/08/18 at 8:06am | In reply to nellibell49.

Hi Lynne,
Just read the Service record and you’re absolutely right – it’s very sad. Must have been very difficult for his mum to consistently be told that they had no record of his final resting place.
I know from other research that a lot of soldiers died of ilnesses in Pozierres, but my Pop always told me that he was killed in action – that’s why I was confused when I couldn’t find him. I was starting to think that my Pop was telling stories! No idea how I missed it before though – that’s a very extensive file.
Thanks so much for your help with that one… greatly appreciated again.


2009/07/28 at 2:48am | In reply to Lynne.

Hi Lynne,
I went home and checked and you are absolutely right – I was just a bit confused between Frederick John and Frederick William. I have a list of all of Blackberry Bill’s kids, along with their dates and place of birth, death and marriage and then my direct line down from there, so I would be very interested in expanding the tree a bit. I had a look on your other link, but a lot of the Sanders listed are private, which is fully understandable. I love the photos though – I can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw those – have never seen any photos past Clement before and even those were only very recently.
I would love to have a chat with you sometime if you are interested in doing so. My number is 0427 744 225.
Cheers and thanks again – you made my day yesterday. 
PS – if you’re wondering, my pop was Cyril Rex Sanders and my Dad is Dennis Clifton Sanders.


Clyde thomas sanders

2008/12/28 at 1:41am

Im wondering who i am in this sanders tribe.



2008/09/04 at 6:21pm

4 years ago, on a trip around Italy, my husband and I met a member of a Sanders clan who lives in Sydney, Australia. His immediate family hail from London, Middlesex and Surrey. In the early 60’s he emigrated to Australia. Last year he emailed me and asked me to trace his family history and I have found his earliest Sanders ancestor to be Thomas Sanders of Kenton, who married Martha Bond in 1707 – the same as yours! Thomas is his 6th great grandfather.

Please contact me directly if you would like to get in touch with him. I am sure he would be delighted to hear from you although I am saving most of the details of his tree until his visit to the UK next year. I am happy to share anything I have on the family and am still seeking a living relative who I hope you may be able to help me with.


Jocelyn Oram said

October 16, 2009 at 2:37 am e

My connection Mary Ann Skevings sister Harriett. I have come across some info on The family of William and Mary Ann. My question is the parents of William Sanders 1823, Jocelyn namely on many researchers notes William Sanders and Elizabeth Green, however on Williams death cert shown on you site and a copy of which I have the fathers name is John. Were William and John the same person. Can you help solve this?



  1. G’day Lynne, I stopped in today to see Noel Everson (was married to Elsie Maud Sanders now deceased) and still lives on acreage in Kinhcela on the road to Hat Head but he wasn’t home. I drive through those parts frequently and enjoy the fact I have history around this area. My grandfather was Raymond Horace Sanders, whos father was Clement Constant Sanders the son of Frederick John Sanders followed by William (blackberry) Sanders. That makes me a proud sixth generation Sanders’ I thoroughly enjoyed the Anzac Day Dawn Service experience this year at South West Rocks where Herbet Burdett Sanders is listed first on the Cenetaph and was the first casualty of the Great War from the Macleay area.

  2. Hi Steve. So that was dad’s Uncle Clem. I am now in Raleigh and will shortly do a trip down Kempsey and get back into the Historical Society records. We did Frederickton Cemetery earlier this year and took photographs. I was getting confused because one of Aunty May ( Sanders) Everson’s sons is Noel. Dick Sanders (II) put that in place for me. Good to hear from you.

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