My mother was Joyce Bell. Her father was WILLIAM ALLEN BELL known as Mick. His father was JOHN BELL, the invalid Mr Bell husband to GRANNY BELL – “legend  in her own lifetime” and HIS father was JAMES BELL . Convicted of trying to rob an oyster bar in GallowGate, Glasgow.

57 the beach
Lynne, Jon, Susan with Joyce Bell Sanders.


48 1 23 october 1948
Marriage of Joyce Bell and Bruce Sanders. 1948. Father of Bride – WILLIAM ALLEN BELL.

1838 Certificate of Freedom for James Bell

Issued on 9 Aug 1838 and has some great personal details (some we had from earlier records):
5 feet 6 & 1/2 inches
dark ruddy freckled & pock pitted complexion
dark brown hair
dark grey eyes
eyebrows practically meeting
scar knuckle of middle finger of right hand
scar back of each thumb
another on forefinger of left hand nail of same split


Just a reminder of the details of JAMES BELL.

His prisoner’s number was 81/191.

The cert is 38/728.

James was transported on the “York” in 1831. 

His Native Place was Glascow.

His trade or calling is labourer.

His offence was ‘housebreak’.

The Place of Trial was Glascow Court of Justice.

Date of Trial – 9 April 1830.

Sentence – 7 years.

Year of Birth –1808.

James held a Ticket of Leave 35/372 which was surrendered when he obtained his Cert of freedom.




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