I am putting this haunting melody on the site today. Brings to my mind the tales My Mother and Father told me of Early Sydney . They were born in the 1920s and passed on a fine ‘ oral history ‘  to me. My father also left his diaries and letters of WWII. I am in the process of getting the letters into order on a blog site of his own. In his later years, we combined to ensure that they were all recorded on ” floppy disks” before sending them off to the AWM where we hoped they would be best cared for. I have converted them to CD records and online blogs. BRUCE SANDERS. The letters still haunt me and bring tears unexpectedly at times. More is said in what has not been written than what has been. Dad was very keen to have his letters and diaries published but we had no resources with which to do so in the 1990s. I am hoping that having them online would please him. His diary featured in Peter Stanley’s (AWM) book on EL ALAMEIN.

My Mother was born in REDFERN and my father in HURLSTONE PARK. As a result I have stories of SURRY HILLS and back lanes of CANTERBURY. This brings me back to THE LANE BELOW THE FLATS.

THE LANE BELOW THE FLATS. Originally a poem by WILFRED NATHAN published in the BULLETIN in the early 20th Century and set to music by members of PASPALUM. Another wee entry into the 20th Century but charming nonetheless. IZZY Foreal ( Peter Knox) located the poem and the vocals are his.

30 8 bruce & JG


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