I am placing the READY OR NOT research on a page of its own. (see above). Updated today is the story of JOHANNAH READY and FRANCIS PENDERGRAST. 

One thought on “UPDATE TO READY OR NOT”

  1. John Darragh alias McCullogh was also on the ship, sentenced to 7 yeasra at the Assizes held at Carrickfergus.

    Enniskillen was the County Town of Fermanagh so the Assizes were held in the Courthouse on the opposite side of the street from The Scots Church. Antrim Assizes held in the Crown Court in CarrickferguIt which was included in the north-east circuit : the assizes are held at Carrickfergus, and the general quarter sessions at Belfast, Antrim, Carrickfergus, Ballymena, and Ballymoney, at which the assistant barrister presides. The county court-house and gaol was situated at Carrickfergus, the house of correction at Belfast, and there were bridewells at Antrim, Ballymena, and Ballymoney.

    He was granted an Absolute Pardon a few years afer his arrival. Married Mary Wade, Irish convict on the Woodman 1823. I have written a story on his life and on the voyage.

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