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Andrew Houison – The Cox Family
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Mrs. Edward Cox’s Journal (written about 1877) [in pencil: 1880]
One evening all the Townspeople were much alarmed. A Ship “The Three Bees” that had just landed her Cargo of Prisoners, took fire and as she had her guns loaded, the Town surrounding Sydney Cove was in danger. I remember going down with my Father and Mother out of the way of these guns, and when we returned at night meeting Pickets of Soldiers marching through the Town to keep order, but everything was quiet and danger from the Ship’s guns over, as she was
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burned to the water’s edge. The Naval Officer’s House was struck and his writing desk smashed. The great dangers was that it might have opened the Jail: it was then the only place where any prisoners were confined and situated facing the Cove in George Street. The Soldiers Barracks were then in Wynyard Square, but there was a large Guard House at both sides of the jail, as well as one at Government House, an Officer’s Guard at each.