The Brisbane Courier Tuesday 6 October 1885,

Fraudulent Insolvency.-Albert Gross-
man was charged on remand with fraudulent
insolvency. Mr. Unmack appeared to prosecute,
and Mr. Gore Jones appeared for the accused.
Captain Gruer deposed that on the night of
the 15th September the accused came on board
the steamer Kalara at Southport and took a
passage to the Tweed River, and went ashore in

a boat by himself; witness saw him selling
jewellery at the hotel where he was staying.
Senior-constable Biffin, stationed at Murwil-
lumbah, New South Wales, deposed to the

accused taking out a hawker’s license at Mur-
willumbah on the 21st September, when he
stated he was going to hawk jewellery which
he purchased at Davis’, in Brisbane ; on the
22nd September he arrested the accused by
virtue of a warrant and found £42 on his per-
son, and took possession of a quantity of jewel-
lery and a bank-book which the accused said
was his property at the hotel where Grossman
was lodging at the time; he made an inventory of
the property and papers he found in the pos-
session of the accused, and he subsequently
handed the property and papers to Detective
Grimshaw. At this stage the accused was re-
manded for a week.










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