The Maitland Mercury… Thursday 12 January 1882, page 4.

Sad Fatal Accident.-We greatly regret to announce the death of a fine boy 9 years old the son of Mr Saunders, of Kinchela Creek, An inquest was held by the Coroner, J. Ducat, Esq, on the body of Christopher George Saunders who whs accidentally shot on Tuesday the 3rd inst, at his father’s residence, Kinchela Creek. The evidence disclosed that an elder brother, a boy of eleven years of age, got possession of a gun that was standing in a bedroom and carried it outside to the rear of some banana trees, he then placed the head of a lucifer match on the nipple, and drew the trigger so as to snap the match with the hammer of the gun. On placing a second match and snapping it off in the same manner, the gun went off the muzzle being pointed directly at the head of a younger brother who was sitting on the ground with his back against a water trough, the back portion, being about one half of the head of deceased, was completely blown away, his brains being scattered all about the ground and trough, pieces ot the bone were driven some distance away, Death was instantaneous The gun was only charged with powder and a large wad of brown paprr, it had been loaded some months and the inside of the barrel was a good deal rusted. The boy had taken the gun without the knowledge of his mother or elder brother. The father is absent from the district ; the verdict of the jury was that the deceased was accidentally shot by his brother.-Macleay Herald


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