Jan Maurice descends from AGNES JANE TAYLOR. The parents of Agnes were WILLIAM SANDERS and MARY JANE SKIMMINGS ( Elsewhere recorded as MARY ANN SKIVINGS Name on birth certificate ). Agnes was born the 10th child on 9th July 1869 in Kinchela NSW.

From papers received from JAN and BARRY.



WILLIAM, her father, was an expert ploughman and was brought out to the Colony from DEVON UK for his skills. While in Kinchela he had a keen interest  in rowing and was a champion oarsman who rowed in the Kempsey Regatta 1856 and entered many races. He was also known as Blackberry Bill as he spread the seeds around the Kempsey District.

The youngest brother of Agnes, CHRISTOPHER, was accidentally shot by his brother’s rifle  on 3 January, 1882, when he was 9 years old. Mary  Jane was a midwife in the district.

William died 19 December 1910 age 87 years and Mary died 13 November 1882 aged 52 years.

When Agnes was 22 she was living in “BROMPTON” Anson St Surry Hills. She was a domestic servant married in St Thomas Church of England Willoughby NSW , November 25th 1891 to Charles William Henry ( Bill) Taylor whose address was Appin , the Minister Stephen H Childe.

After the wedding they went to live in Appin on Elladale farm. Brooks Point Road, Appin. Every Saturday, she would drive the horse and sulky to Campbelltown so that their youngest son Barrington Walter could have piano lessons by Miss Vernon, then on Saturday nights he’d play for the local dance when still a teenager taking over from Bessie Dwyer. Their eldest son, William Harold joined the Army in 1916 as a 17 year old and served overseas, marrying Margaret ( Maggie) Yates when he was 21 years in Lancashire England.

Lionel ( Jack) stayed on the farm. Two girls married and moved to Queensland to live another daughter, Ellen, Mrs Gridley.

On the 9th April at 64 years Bill died and was buried in St Marks Cemetery, Appin. No headstone.

When Barrington married Phyllis Abbott in 23 December 1935, Agnes went to the wedding at St John’s Parramatta and the reception at the CAROLLIAN. Her address was Appin.

In her later years, Agnes came to live in Campbelltown with Lionel and his wife in 28 Chamberlain St Campbelltown. her younger sister Sarah with husband Robert Kitchings also lived in Campbelltown and when sarah died 15 February 1946, Agnes Jane was the last of William and Mary’s family alive. She was in her 80s but still did beautiful  crocheting and knitting. Agnes died in Queensland  8th August 1951. Buried in Lutwyche Cemetery.



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