The Sydney Gazette and… Saturday 20 February 1813, page 2.

The Archduke Charles, Captain JEFFRIES, left Portsmouth for Cork the 28th of March last, and arrived at the latter on the 28th, where she lay till the 16th of May  following, when she sailed for this Colony with 147 male

and 54 female prisoners. Of the men two died on the passage; namely, Arthur Culmady, aged 67, from the infirmities of age ; and John Lenna, a young man, from extreme debility. All the others arrived in apparent good health.

The delay of this ship’s arrival was occasioned by the loss of her rudder, shortly after her departure from Rio de Janeiro, which she left with the Minstrel and Indefatigable in company, the 11th of August. The 25th of September she arrived at the Cape of Good Hope to repair the accident ; and was detained there till the 19th of December, upon which day she resumed her voyage for this Port.

A few days before her departure a vessel arrived from England, from whence she had sailed the 1st of Oct. 1812,  and by which the pleasant accounts transmitted hither were received at the Cape. The account accompanying the report of the Archduke Charles’s arrival in last week’s Gazette was .consequently erroneous, in stating that the vessel which conveyed those consequential dispatches arrived at the Cape the 1st of October, instead of stating that to be the day on which she sailed from England.

By the Archduke Charles have arrived Lieutenants BURBRIDGE and CONNOR, of the 1st Battalion. 73d Regiment, with a detachment of thirty non-commissioned officers and privates, to join the Battalion.

 archduke charles sydney gazette 12 feb 1813


article628559-3-001ARCHDUKE CHARLESThe Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Saturday 24 October 1812, page 3

article628633-3-001ACThe Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Saturday 20 February 1813, page 



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