244422006RS432544062     Well the week of access to the BRITISH LIBRARY HISTORICAL NEWSPAPERS IS OVER. Now I am left bereft. Now I am left with rather a lot of cut and pasted articles to sort through. I will begin putting them up on this site and on MELINDA KENDALL . They range from 1812 U.S. – CANADIAN WAR where Patrick McNally was court martialled through to MELINDA MCNALLY’S name in an English Newspaper following the death of Henry. I have collected snippets on all manner of background matters so bear with me and we will see what I have found amongst this mass of British Newspaper materials. Some might not directly appear to relate to my own family but I shall include them because they are era appropriate and act as a diorama illustrating the world as it was in their time and a telescopic view of the Colony from the ” Mother Land “. They include HANNAH HUTCHINGS’ sentence of death and the details of the BEEJAPORE bringing the CRAIGS here in 1853.  There are background images of KENTON, DEVON where generations of SANDERS’ lived and from which MARY ANN SKIVINGS and WILLIAM SANDERS came in 1849. The SUTHERLAND SHIRE of WILHELLMINA MCLEOD and her mother JANET MACKAY is featured. I KNOW there were many more GEMS in there but time and poor Vodafone 3G connections beat me. Nevertheless, lets see what we have amongst all this hastily gathered information.