1. I recently visited my grandparents at Comboyne, NSW and was talking with nana about the Family History Research i had been doing. She brought out alot of photos a similar one to the one above on the back was “hurrell sisters”. However we were unsure of the names of each of the ladies at the time.

    1. Hi Merilyn, All we have about this photo is that it is ” Grandma and the aunts.” That was Lucy Jane Hurrell who married Frederick John Sanders . She is sitting down and second from the left. Her sister, Eliza, married Frederick.s brother, William George on 30-7-1879 at Kinchela. My father Bruce Sanders was the second son of Lucy and Fred’s son, John George.
      Do you have the background of the Hurrells in Norfolk. I have a few details. Good to hear from you. Lynne.

      1. Hi Lynne,

        If you would like a copy of the photo i have i can send it via email, you’ll definately be able to see how similar the photo’s are. I have alot of the information you have above from talking with my nana. she also gave me a duplicate copy of John Hurrell’s death certificate which listed mary warner as his mother…. i never knew that john married twice. Barb Miller provided me with with alot of information a couple of years back which is the same as what you have in the Hurrell section. You’ve done a great Job on your site here, alot of hard work and time. let me know if you would like me to share the photo. I copied all photo’s from my nana and scanned them to put in my tree.
        Warm regards,

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