Two descendants have now made contact – Marilyn and Penny. See their comments on previous entries.


Hannah then is landed in Sydney. Two years later on 15 march 1826 she is listed with these names HANNAH (HITCHINGS, HITCHINS, HITCHERS OR HUTCHINS ) as a spinster of Parramatta when she has the permission of Governor Darling to marry THOMAS BENSON, Batchelor at St Johns Church, Parramatta. The ceremony was carried out by the assistant chaplain , Thomas Hassell and was witnessed by John Baker and Christabella Ferguson.

On 4 may 1827, at lower Minto, a daughter was born. MARY A BENTON ( SIC)

(Phil Ready cites vol1 no 7991, vol2 no25 RGI)

Hannah was granted a ticket of leave in 1829 ( 29/1007 reel 913 AONSW) and two years later on 3 August 1831 gave birth to a second daughter  SARAH ANN BENSON who was baptised in St Phillips Church Sydney on the 5 November 1831. ( vol 15 no 308 RGI)

Nine months later, Thomas Benson died in the Lunatic Asylum at Liverpool leaving Hannah with five year old Mary Ann and one year old Sarah Ann to rear. On 23 August after a simple ceremony , Thomas was buried. ( Vol 16 1562 RGI) 

The same year Hannah gave birth to another daughter whom she named Hannah, this time the father was Henry Samuels whose surname the child bore.